Friday, September 19, 2008

Three Little Words

Wow. We won. The Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Val d'Or Foreurs 6-3.

I have new relationship feelings for my team full O'rookies. I want to stay in bed with them all day making out, cuddling and eating cold take-out pizza. They make me smile so much my face hurts. I know it has only been one game, and I barely know them, but would it be premature of me to say 'I love you'?


Mathieu Corbeil
Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who voted in my boyfriend poll for choosing Mathieu Corbeil as my new number one QMJHL boyfriend. #30 is my favorite hockey number (mmmmmMarty). I had some fuzzy vision, long-distance idea of what he looked liked but I had a morbid fear that because he is so tall he would look like Blanchard, but no, he is a cutie. He was at the start of the team intro line-up, and was on the screen for a good chunk of time so I got a good squeelfilled peep.

I tried to get some pics and he may not be very photogenic (and emits a blurr to prevent me from getting an in focus pic) but let me assure you that he was indeed kinda cute. Now I understand that it may seem shallow, and skills are important for a number one boyfriend, but how can I date a guy I find unattractive? This is why a boy needs a combo of skills and looks. He is very good at opening doors. He may also have been good at stopping pucks...we should let him try.

Raf D'Orso
How many times have you stood me up? Every year I get excited about you coming to town, put my best date clothes on, get my hairs did, and then you stand me up. It is about damn time we had this date D'Orso. I cannot live with just seeing you on TV or on the interwebs.

You are beautiful. I know that five goals against (plus one empty net goal) is not ideal for you, and that your team lost which will make you feel sad, but may I just say that I really enjoyed watching you and your mad puck handling (and you did stop 33 pucks). Sure accidents happen (the clash and the falling down, getting caught out of your net and then getting bailed out by your own player) but I am of the opinion that a goalie has to take chances - the benefits far outweigh the cost of those boo-boos. The rolling, the kicking, the post-to-post movement on your knees, the awesome deflections (so accurate), all the risky puck-handling business...can we get married? You will have to shave that hideous chin-strap for the wedding.

Mark Yetman
You can sleep on the sofa tonight... and tomorrow night! You know I do not like to be mean to my players even when they deserve a kick in their well padded shins. We did not win because of you, we won in spite of you. OK maybe I should not blame you, but who can I blame? Dallaire? Stay away from that guy!!! Keep Mathieu away from him too. Tonight, when the team plays Cape Breton, go and visit Scott Gouthro (CB goalie coach) hug him and steal his essence. Put a few of his hairs in your trapper for luck. You know the motto - "Whatever it takes."

The game:

Lets just say that I am very glad that I have made Linden Bahm my lower tier forward boyfriend. Not only does he have delightful pillowy lips but he is such a hard worker. Last night he had two goals (the game winner and an empty netter) and two assists, thus earning him 3rd star of the game. Go Bahm.

New Captain Graham did not have a very good game. He got a five minute major for charging and then got kicked out for the rest of the game. Just as I suspected he did indeed shave his neck. As a bonus, during the 10 questions, when Shannon asked "steak or sushi?" Graham was the first boy that I recall to have EVER answered sushi. How unexpected!!! I never would have guessed that Graham was a sushi guy. I will add that to my "mental personality database". We can go on sushi dates. I am now officially in love with Graham.

Justin Pender was first star of the game, most likely for his two goals and as a strange attempt to prove to us that he was worth keeping over Andrew White. Maybe we could have kicked Mark to the curb and gone with two rookie goalies. Andrew's number 22 has already been given away to Gerrad Grant. Did I shed a tear? I was thisclose. I miss his "call me" goal video. Oh, I would Andrew but I don't have your number *weeps*. Travis Randell has switched his number to 16.

Alex Noel(foreurs) - ha. Did you think I would forget you? You had the best eyebrows in the first round of the QMJHL 2008 draft. I never forget a good set of eyebrows. Thus I stalked you with my camera all night. It was hard to catch the eyebrows because of that stupid helmet.

For a real game review read Willy Palov or Matthew Wuest.


wrap around curl said...

Those lips on Bahm! It's enough to make any girl jealous.

Q-girl said...

Angelina Jolie called, she wants her pout back.