Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Putting the Rambo in GrahamBo

The Mooseheads have a new captain - 20 year old defenceman and Spryfield's native son Graham Bona (otherwise known as GrahamBo - at least by me). My cat is also from Spryfield, she is such a princess. I hope that Graham does not also think that he is a princess.

Howdy Captain

I have already stated that I have Graham related fondness, mostly because I like big stay at home defencemen, and Graham is pretty big at 6'3" and 225 lbs. Graham is the only guy on the team with one of those shiny president's cup championship rings, which he won in his rookie season with Rimouski when "you know who" (also goes by the name "hockey jesus") was still playing there.

I guess we should not be shocked that Graham was named captain since he has worn the captain's C for the first two games of the season. What is weird is that in Matthew Wuest's article he states that Graham was officially named Captain at a press conference on Thursday. Does he mean last Thursday? Because today is Wednesday. Is he as bad with dates as I, or were they really just that slow at officially announcing the Captaincy to us, the adoring fans.


wrap around curl said...

What a manly beard he has!

I just realized, I have no idea who the Chiefs have picked for a captain. Or if they have even picked at all.

Q-girl said...

bad fan. bad bad fan. Now pick a Chief that will be responsible for the distribution of spankings. pffff that is too easy.