Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When a girl is too lazy to write...

...she gives you links. A whole lotta links. But first she must tell you that she was so cold last night that she thinks that even if she were to have piled all 25 Mooseheads in her bed for a complete and thorough cuddling she probably still would have been freezing. Yes dear friends, this can only mean one thing - hockey season is upon us.

The QMJHL website has a nice tidy list of all of the players from each team who will be participating in NHL tournaments and training camps.

Nathan at MAINEiacs Post to Post does a nice Atlantic division league preview.


I think that the Jackets either completely love or completely hate Jakub Voracek. In the Traverse city tournament he has had 2 assists in two games. He has been pulled for the rest of the games, presumably to rest-up and stay healthy for the upcoming Columbus training camp.


In ex-boyfriend news check out the Cape Breton Post...there is a teeny-tiny picture of Pavelec (drool). There is not much to be said here... just drool.

Joey Haddad is so scary that the Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to invite him to big boys training camp. Funny how you can leave the PEI Rocket and suddenly become a better player, or go to PEI and suddenly seem like a worse player. PEI is a black hole of evil. My dearest Bobby, I am sorry that I wished for your movement in an Eastwardly direction. When I like things they tend to go ka-boomy.

For those who did not know, Spencer Jezegou is the new Captain of the Titan. You can learn more about Spencer from reading this article by Peter Assaff.

Sea Dogs:
Top Stars Advance to NHL camps
Sea Dogs seen as league favorites heading into this season
Lineup bolstered for home opener
Dogs Veteran ready to lead by example - aka No! Ryan Sparling needs spankings.

Dearest Ryan,
Are you naughtier than the other boys or just stupider than the other boys? Stupid enough to get caught being naughty. Everybody is naughty from time to time but the difference between those we know to be naughty and those we think are good is often that the "good ones" are actually the "smart ones". We don't get caught. Those who do get caught go from potential NHL draft pick to playing in the AUS (aherm ...sexee goalie), maybe because they are seen as too much of a liability. Watch yourself baybee. No need to let the Caper in you take over. Show 'em we can export good things too.