Friday, September 26, 2008

Honey, we have to talk

Hello Yeti, Hello Graham. Do you know how it is that the PEI Rocket have managed to win their first game of the season 5-2 after four consecutive losses? Do you know how they managed to do it against us? I know you hate to hear the words “we have to talk”, but facts are facts, and we do indeed have to talk. Is there room on the sofa? Good.

Graham this is your first night on the sofa this season, so I am going to go easy on you. I am just going to give you the stare down of death for all of those ridiculous penalties. Eight minutes!!! What the hell were you thinking? No, it is not little PEI player’s fault that he is shorter than you - don’t pull a Chris Pronger on this one. It looks like you cross-checked Mini Rocket’s face. At best it was an interference call.

Mark *sigh*
How is your head? Goal two, the rebound off the mask has gotta hurt. Physically, I mean. Do you need an advil? No, resting your head on my boobs is not gonna make the pain go away. Are you comfy? Too comfy with your 'starter position'? Too comfy on the sofa? Do I need to put peas under the cushions?

I don’t think I am being mean. I wake up, I make you coffee, breakfast, give you a kiss on the forehead, we talk, I let you touch my boobs. You just can’t sleep in my bed.

On a positive note – hey, you puck handled during the PP. Congrats!!! All the way up the ice to the Rocket blue line and Linden Bahm’s waiting stick. God that was hot. We should make out…later. You also had some very nice saves, I am not going to discount those, and you are good with your hands (glove hand), but when you are bad… you are very bad.

The first goal: What are you going to do? It was a 5 on 3. Shit happens . The second goal: a rebound off your mask, owwww! Here, let me kiss you where it hurts. No, that is NOT where it hurts.

The third goal: The one by Provencher, crazy angle, I know. It slipped between you and the post, but ya gotta be careful with that guy – he is good at math. Not stats or that pussy accounting stuff you business students do. No, he is good at the real stuff – calculus. Sine, cosine, angles, velocities, engineering math… how could he not get that goal?

The fourth goal: What the fuck was that? I thought you were a butterfly goalie. Nothing under, nothing through as the Sea Dogs goalie coach would say. Five hole! Honestly, sometimes you gotta go down my little one. That’s what butterfly goalies do!

Ok. I am going back upstairs to join Mathieu in bed. Tomorrow is his 17th Birthday. We have big plans. Pfff of course I invited Bobby Nadeau to join us. I also invited Ryan Mior just in case...he is sooo gotta make it with the Syracuse Crunch now that Mase is down and out again. Everything is better when three goalies are involved*.

New goalie boyfriend Mathieu Corbeil. Yes, I took a picture of the TV because I am a huge loser.

*Unless it means that one of our goalies got pulled


wrap around curl said...

Hey, often taking pictures of the television is a necessity.

Q-girl said...

So why do I feel like a loser?

I have recovered quickly. Yeti is invited back into the bed because he needs a good night sleep. We face the undefeated Moncton wildcats tomorrow.

Big plans! With three goalies! One of which is Ryan Mior! Damn! It sounds dirty (expecially once you add Mior to the Mix) so let me clarify. We are going to "build a bear" at the MicMac Mall - That's the definition of fun for boys aged 17 to 21, right?

dani said...

You know. The first time I got a cell phone, the first picture I took was of someone in a band on the television. My fiends said that was weird, but they also thought it was really someone in a band. So really, the moral of my story is that people who don't take pictures of the TV are losers.

Q-girl said...

My new goalie leaves a fuzzy blur. He is a mysterious young entity. I cannot get a good picture of him unless I use the TV. I might get a picture if we would let him have a game at home. Would someone please let baby goalie play a game at home!