Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Promote your Team 101

One thing that the Saint John Sea Dogs seem to have above all others in the QMJHL Eastern division is an amazing knack for self promotion. With their having a team photographer, player profiles, a you tube page, constant web page updates, what seems like 35 booster club road trips a season, twice yearly jersey auctions, and more community service and player visits than you can shake a goalie stick at - it seems like the Sea Dogs just do it right.

The cooperation between the team and the newspapers is unsurpassed. The articles published in the Telegraph Journal* which detail snippets of the players personal lives are perfect, because when you feel like you know a bit about a boy you start to become attached - or at least I know I do. They hooked me so bad that I bid $220 on a Fullerton Jersey during their last auction - hey yer not on my team!!! Why am I spending $220 on a jersey I can't use for any reason except voodoo? Someone else must have snuck a bid in at the last minute because I lost - BOOOO. I want my fuckin' jersey.

Their latest feature is on goaltender Robert Mayer. Read it and try not to fall in love.

The young boy, from a small town, sitting in the stands of a rink at 4 a.m.

His grandfather drives a Zamboni along the ice surface as the boy daydreams of taking to a clean sheet of ice someday as a professional hockey player.

He strapped on goaltender pads at an early age and as he got older, his natural ability to play the Canadian game shone through. Soon he was dreaming of superstardom as scouts and coaches clamoured for his services.

Like all talented players, he knew he would have to leave his friends and family behind to chase his dream in the major junior hockey ranks. Unlike thousands of Canadian kids with the same hopes and dreams, Robert Mayer had to move away from more than those he kept close. He had to leave behind his country, culture and continent to chase the Canadian dream.

To know the rest of Robert's story check out the Telegraph Journal.

edit - as a bonus the Sea Dogs will allow you to choose your own seats online and they do not charge extra fees for the 'convenience'. For Mooseheads games they seem to use a magic random seat generator then they charge an extra $4-6 dollars for the 'convenience' of a shitty seat in the back half of the upper bowl when there are perfectly cromulent seats available in the lower bowl right behind the glass in rows A-C, or near the goal line which allows for goalie peepin' at its finest.

The guy at the box office hates hockey and I feel like he is judging me.
They will not show you their computer screens so that you can see which seats are available. They make you pick a section and row - then say "nope, not there" then you get to guess some more. It takes a while to get seats of your liking and the people behind you get all bitchy- especially if you buy tickets for six games. But buying tickets for 6 games is the most logical thing to do since the box office is only open from 11:00 to 5:00 on weekdays and you have to travel 45 minutes from work just to get there.

*der! I made a mistake the Saint John newspaper is the Telegraph Journal while the Times and Trsanscript is the Moncton newspaper


wrap around curl said...

I know it makes me love them. More teams should court their fans.

Q-girl said...

The Sea Dogs and I are so up in a tree. Simon Despres was the bait, Travis Fullerton the hook. The rest of the boys just kinda fell into line. It doesn't hurt that they are a defensively minded team and my loins ache for defensive systems.

It is the middle of summer and they are still partaking in some mad self promotion.