Monday, July 21, 2008

Squirrels at boy camp

The Philadelphia Flyers have opened up their prospect development camp. Flyers prospects from the Q include Squirrels Giroux (Gatineau), Kevin Marshall (Lewiston, Quebec), Marc-Andre Bourdon (Rouyn-Noranda), Mario Kempe (St. John's), and former Mooseheads Freddy Cabana and Jeremy Duchesne. For a full list of development camp attendees check out the Flyers website.

Anywho, during the first day of training camp they interviewed Squirrels, who was a first round draft pick of the Flyers in 2006. Squirrels chattered:

“I’m going to go to camp with the mentality that I want to make the team,” said Giroux. “I’ll go there, work hard, play my game and see what will happen.”

Giroux received a small taste of life in the NHL with a two-game stint last season, making his NHL debut on February 19, against the Ottawa Senators.

“It was only two games, but I learned so much in those two games,” stated Giroux. “I talk a lot with [Danny] Briere and Simon Gagne and all of them. I learned so much and I know more of what I can expect for next season.”

They also interviewed him for Flyers TV. A full 12 seconds into the video he does his squirrels sniffle. I love this kid. I should hate him for what Gatineau did to my team this year in the playoffs - but he is squirrels, so I cannot. I would put "squirrels down my pants for the purposes of gambling" if it weren't illegal.

For more info on Squirrels record breaking season with the 'piques check out this older article from the Flyers website.

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