Sunday, July 20, 2008

Old News

I am not very keen on keeping up with the French news, especially since Quebec is gigantic and has 500 bajillion small local newspapers for me to scroll through, all of which are en français, and my ability to fully absorb words written en français is ghetto at best. I understand ODB better than I understand French.

That being said, if it is goaltender related I must report on it...even if the news is sooo old that my 15 year old dog looks at me, laughs, falls down because he is arthritic, poops himself and then says to me "damn bitch, that news is old".

Victoriaville's edition of La Nouvelle/L'Union reported on July 9th that although former Victoriaville/Rimouski netminder (and tall skinny twig) Jean-Christophe Blanchard had attended the NY Rangers development camp early in July, he was not invited back to participate in their late summer training camp. Blanchard will instead return to his home town to attend the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, where he has accepted a position on the Patriotes hockey team.

The 6'5" netminder, who ended his QMJHL career with a stellar 2.66 GAA and 0.901 save % in his final 33 games with the Oceanic*, had known as far back as May that he would be attending University in Trois-Rivières. Despite this, he had decided to take a chance with the NYR development camp when invited, knowing that he had "nothing to lose" by doing so. True that.


I wish I had some Mooseheads news to report on. Using my imagination is killing me. I have to calm down, and scale back on the nasty. Perhaps my next move is to take a realistic look at what remains of our roster. When I say realistic I mean: no more of my dreamy, funny, socially intelligent defenceman Steve "shaken baby syndrome" Lund, and no David "Footy Pajamas" Bouchard. Let's not kid ourselves, these boys will not be back. I want to hold Steve to my bosom and reassure him that a life without hockey is still a life worth living. Steve is pretty.

Was my 2007-2008 team the prettiest team ever or was it just that I had a bad case of "a mother's love"? Maybe my next goal will be to create a montage of the prettiest pictures of my team members to prove that my team was the prettiest team in the CHL (we were prettier before Christmas). I will not be using team photos because team photos are the horror of horrors. Yeah, that is way more flaky and fun than having to think about how bad next year's team is going to be.

*Stats from ihdb because the QMJHL stats page is still being an ass.

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