Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is, or has, gone down!

Late July is the time to think about volunteering. As such, some presumed Moose alums (Ryan Hillier and Andrew Bodnarchuk) are out and about volunteering their time. They spent yesterday at a daycare in Bedford playing floor hockey, and today at a daycare in Cole Harbour - probably playing more floor hockey.

Speaking of Mooseheads, our own Yuri Cheremetiev along with a number of other QMJHL players (such as Lewiston's Denis Reul) will be participating in the Chowder cup tournament. The Chowder cup is not the prize for a chowder eating tournament, nor is it the prize for a chowder making soup-off. If it were, I would be there as a soup sampler. It is a hockey thing, and because this is an American hockey thing I will leave all chowder related coverage to the Americans, so for more details on the Chowder cup check out the Asylum.
*edit - more Chowder cup participants from the Maritimes are detailed in this T&T writeup.

PEI has a small hockey league of its own - the Super Summer Hockey League, which is comprised of 4 teams with a number of QMJHL players from PEI, including Logan MacMillan, every Gallant boy that was ever spawned and half of the PEI Rocket (may be an overestimation). League Games run from July 23 to August 21.

NHL.com is doing a new prospects feature. The first feature discusses prospects from the Anaheim Ducks. They take a look at both the Mooseheads' Logan MacMillan and the Huskies' Maxime Macenauer. Speaking of which, where the hell is Huskies player Brett Morrison, Anaheim's 2007 5th round pick? Was he not invited to camp this year? Did Bryce so fully turn the Ducks off of kids from Cape Breton that they decided to take it out on my wee elvin sprig Brett? Anyway, enough about Brett, this is what they had to say about Logan:
It was a tough season for MacMillan, the son of former NHL forward Bobby MacMillan and the Ducks' first-round pick (No. 19) in 2007. "He got smoked from behind in an exhibition game last year and had a serious concussion," Murray said. "He never really got going until the end of the year."

MacMillan, who turned 19 on July 5, was limited to 46 games with Halifax of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and put up just 15 goals and 41 points. He was better in the playoffs, with three goals and 13 points in 15 games.

"He lost his confidence a little bit and he was struggling to score," Murray said. "But by the end of the year, he was playing hard again and playing well, the way he was the year before. The concussion set him back a bit, but he's been symptom-free for a long time now.

He's a really good two-way, hard-nosed hockey player who can play in all areas of the ice. The time he missed, he has to catch up on, but we really like him."
The prospects report for the Thrashers is also available. They discuss both Angelo Esposito (Remparts/ Montreal) and my former #1 Q squeeze Ondrej Pavelec (Cape Breton Screaming Eagles alum).

Sea Dogs:
The Sea Dogs have updated their website and now have a feature "Looking back on 07-08: Sea Dogs Community Summary Part 1" which Chronicles the Sea Dogs participation in community events, and the money raised by the Sea Dogs for various charitable causes from September to December of 2007. Yes there are pictures, albeit squishy - but this is easily remedied by "coping image location" and opening the images in a new window.

AHHHH Dogs - it ain't called the CHL (Cougarbait Hockey League) for nothing, and given the tender age of boys in this league you can begin your adventures in cougaring at the ripe old age of 22.

Fully looks like a skeazy hot mess (nothing new there). Even when he takes a bad picture he still somehow makes me feel molestey feelings. For that he must be punished, and so if I am not writing something that would make him feel uncomfortable (should he ever read this) then I am not very good at doing my job of punishing him. Are these faces that only a mother could love? This is not my team and yet I want to adopt them and hold them lovingly to my bosom. I like how they are all out in the community volunteering with cuts and scars all over their faces...all that is except for Yann, who always look perfect. As for the rest of the Dogs, I still love them despite their pimples, wounds, awkwardness etc. I hope next years Sea Dogs team has as much thrall as last years Sea Dogs team - they should, they are practically the same team, all but for 4 or 5 players.

Kirkpatrick, Despres and Charland have a "that dog has a puffy tail" effect on me. "Here puff! Here puff!". I'll be there watching hockey and the next thing I know I am giggling and clapping like an idiot because I saw Despres skate by. I am so mystically drawn to these three for reasons that I will not explain here. I think that all three are well deserving of cookies.

Mo' stuff:
You can read a Scouting report from the Flyers Development camp here.
Prospect camp photos can also be found on Flickr. Squirrels is that you? Jeremy is # 35!

Sea Dogs baseball team photo from the Sea Dogs website.


wrap around curl said...

Cougarbait Hockey League, YES.

"Dave Schultz" said...

Wrap beat me to it, but that is the best thing I have heard in years. seriously. I love it. May I adopt/borrow/steal/use it? (with credit of course)

Q-girl said...

The fact that this is a cougarbait hockey league has been known by all of us for years, we just did not have the mental faculties to express such an idea...our brains were underdeveloped. Our eyes were not appropriately wired to our optic lobes, and then what our visual system processed had to be conveyed not only to our amygdala (seat of our desires) but also wired back to our Wernicke's area (vocabulary).

It is all very complicated, but now that "it's alive" - I say spread the word.