Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I didn't want to see Marchand in a state of undress...

...but I did. I saw it and I can't unsee it. I am going to go put bleach in my eyes now.

Sadly the stupid video does not fit correctly on the screen. I will post more exciting development camp news from the Bruins and the Blue Jackets later - I hope.

Now this is probably going to be one of the most shallow things I have ever said in my life, and it is totally bunny of me, but the Bruins are one hell of an ugly team. My Mooseheads captain is not exactly what you would call a pretty pretty. Apart from Lucic, the team is seriously lacking in the squee department. Some of the guys are not so bad looking, but there are few Bruins that could make you throw your panties at them simply by raising an eyebrow in your general direction. It is not that I don't like Boston, hell, I may actually be in love with Zdeno Chara, but I think they draft for ogres.

Do you see Matt Marquardt and Adam McQuaid? They are prettier than the other boys. Do you know why they are pretty (when Marquardt is not looking like a bully who would steal your ice cream and your lunch money)? It is because Columbus drafted them for their boy band - the 'Columbus Blue Boys'. Sadly, Marquardt could not do a-cappella and McQuaid's dance moves were lackluster at best. They needed to clear space for Filatov (the young one), to back up Legein (the bad boy), Brassard (the boy next door) and Mason (the non-threatening and less attractive fey one). The final member of the 'Columbus Blue Boys' is currently undecided.

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Heather said...

Boys in locker rooms make me blush.