Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'll show you a development camp.

Development camp invites have been announced for a number of NHL teams. It is a lot of the same old draftees going where we all thought they were going to go. The fun part however lies in the 'invites'.

Ryan Mior (or shall I say Ryan Meow) of the Gatineau Olympiques has been invited to the Columbus Blue Jackets development camp while Jean-Cristophe Blanchard (Rimouski Oceanic) has been invited to the Rangers development camp. Neither has been drafted, but Mior has previously been invited to try out with Boston, while Blanchard had been invited to Dallas in 2007.

If I find out about more exciting QMJHL goalie adventures in development camp I will be sure to post it all here.

edit - Trust me Ryan, you are looking at the screencap right now and saying to yourself "dear god that is fug, why does she do such horrible things to me?" Let me assure you- No! it is not fug. I took a number of screen caps, most of which had you looking crosseyed and with your mouth agape and somehow, in all of them, you still looked totally fucking hot. Soooooo...take that for what its worth.


Bethany said...

That hair is hideous!! I hate the playoff bleach jobs!!

Q-girl said...

I would Cooo for Ryan but I have promised coos only for P-O. Ryan gets rowwwrrrrs, just like Fullerton.

I curse the bleach job but when it happens, year after year I realize that said boys of interest still look just as good, just a touch more dorky. Ryan is always pretty, always, always, always. Actually Ryan looks more evil than pretty - he looks like naughty fun times.

Did you make it in to check out training camp? Is Mase not there? I wonder why not! I figure he is out buying lip glosses for all of the boys. Brassard has to look his best.