Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Debils' are prettier than other hockey players

The NJ Devils Development camp began this week, and both QMJHL 2008 draftees, winger Jean-Sebastien Berube (Rouyn-Noranda Huskies) and centreman Patrice Cormier (Rimouski Oceanic) are in attendance.

NJ chose them because they fit the NJ mold of low (less than 1 PPG) scoring, 'checking' forwards**. Patrice also belongs in NJ because he is the younger brother of a player already drafted into the NHL. Big brother Kevin (an enforcer for the Mooseheads) was drafted at #168 overall in the 2004 entry draft by Phoenix. In a strange twist of fate the younger brother is the more talented of the two (see also the Parise Family).

pretty little devils

The NJ organization are lazy, as are their bloggers. So far I have seen no prospect camp reports; either they don't exist or I am not looking hard enough (I even checked message boards - nada). The Devils themselves are not giving us any videos or any blog reports on the development camp...all they give us are pictures.

Not that I mind, because now that I know that Patrice is pretty I will know to keep an eye out for him during the
one game that Rimouski plays in Halifax next season. It is funny how I did not notice those pretty lips during that 2/3 of a Rimouski game that I attended last season*. Then the boy put on a Devils jersey and all that changed.

There is a fat guy who attends Mooseheads games (this description applies to 25% of our fans) and who wears a NJ Devils #14 Gionta jersey (this description applies to only 1 fan). I see him sitting on the end of the arena, behind the opponents net, maybe at the back of section 2 or 3. Anyway, this fat man has thrall for one reason and one reason only...the Devils jersey. I want to talk to this man that I call 'Gionta man'.

I am the proud owner of one hockey jersey only, and that is a Devils jersey. I wear it while watching those ~4 Devils games we get on our TVs every year, and I usually spill food or drink on it every time I wear it. I displayed it proudly to Zachie and Paulie when they were here during the IIHFs. I do not think they noticed. pfffff. As a matter of fact I do not think that anybody finds me more attractive in my ill fitting NJ Devils jersey. Apparently the thrall goes one way only. Where is that man who will say "no! leave the Jersey on"?

Devils Development camp photo from

*CG lost her ticket and we had to backtrack, we missed the first period - which was apparently the only good part of the game because I wanted to weep through most of periods 2 and 3. I spent the whole game staring at Pier hoping he would absorb my goalie assisting 'love vibes' but it wasn't working. He was making sadfaces and bitchfaces that whole game, but especially in the third when he refused to go to the bench for the time-out AND took a break in the middle of play to lean on his net all like 'what? I didn't think we were playing a hockey game here'. The world's happiest looking pixie looked like the worlds saddest pixie on that day - poor little thing needed hugs.

**I had more info on the boys that somehow magically deleted itself and I am too lazy to rewrite it.


Robert said...

this is the closest thing we Devils fans get to actual media coverage. There is a bunch of stuff about the development camp there, but the dude who writes it rarely shares opinions on players. He just wants to inform, not tell you his spin on it.

Keep up the good blogging. :)

Q-girl said...

thanks robert
hooray for devils fans! Do you look prettier in a devils jersey too?