Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toby Lafrance: From Tigre to Falcon

Toby Lafrance has signed a two way AHL contract with the Springfield falcons, affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers.

Tiny Toby played last season with the Victoriaville Tigres, and had 41 goals and 48 assists for 89 points in 68 games. But who cares about stats when you look like this.

Mmmm hairy. OK, I admit it, the eyebrows need some serious grooming, and I think they get bigger every year, so that by the time he is 50 you will not be able to see his lips for eyebrows...but other than that, there are totally a thousand reasons to say RAWR at this Tigre.

Speaking of Tigres, 2008 Islanders draftpick and Victoriaville goaltender Kevin Poulin has been interviewed for LaNouvelle l'Union. Guess what - it is 'en Francais'. He basically says that:
  • development camp went well,
  • that the Isles are not deep in goaltending (but they have pretty Ricky tied up for eternity)
  • that the coaches liked his play and positioning
  • that he will be going to Toronto soon to work with the Islanders' goaltending coach
  • after the Tigres training camp closes he will be going to Moncton for Isles training camp (because for some reason, possibly due to Nolan, the Isles and Moncton are up in a tree)
Lafrance team photo from


"Dave Schultz" said...

now, I'm an eyebrow girl, but those need some grooming, for sure.

Q-girl said...

Toby is a short little pile of hair and blades on ice.

How would you groom those eyebrows so that they would not look like 'groomed eyebrows'? Do you see the dilemma?

"Dave Schultz" said...

oh, I see the dilemma. But there's enough to work with to trim things up, thin out the unibrow and still have an un-groomed look.

He should really let us take a close up analysis. in person. see what you can do about that and I'll get a plane ticket.

Q-girl said...

Yes, let's do that.

wrap around curl said...

I know how to groom them so they don't look groomed. It is a delicate balance, yes...

And I am a sucker for eye brows. Sometimes I think I watch the Steve Dangle vids for his luscious eye brows.

Q-girl said...

So it is unanimous:
yes boys, girls ARE looking at your eyebrows AND judging you, so you definitely SHOULD get something done about them if they have that 'they'll keep me warm during the ice-age" kind of look.