Friday, June 13, 2008

Where in the world is Jakub Voracek?

Columbus, bitches -that's where! Bethany, who runs a fancy little Blue Jackets blog called Bethany's Hockey Rants told me so. Bethany would never lie to me. Wuest also told me so, but sometimes I think HE IS LYING to me.

Mooseheads winger Jakub Voracek (Jake) has been invited down to Columbus to hold hands and make plans with Derick Brassard. He has agreed to do it because P-O Pelletier told him how much fun it is to hold hands and make plans with Brassard. The question is - will Brassard want to hold Jake's hand, because Jake has some serious competition in P-O' s hands - they are very soft.
If P-O gave me his hand I would never let go - ever*.

According to Wuest's report Voracek is one of six prospects who will train with Blue Jackets strength and conditioning coach Barry Brennan. He will follow a detailed diet, work out two hours a day, and box three hours a week. Voracek weighed 182 pounds in training camp in 2007, but is now up to 200 pounds.

“My goal is to make the team,” Voracek told the Dispatch. “That was my goal last year, too. I can’t say if I’ll make it right now, but I know I’ll be a better player after a summer here.”

*I can't believe I let go - D.U.M.B.


Bethany said...

Aw, Jake!! *It is really difficult for me to call him that! I like saying Jakub too much!!* If gas wasn't so expensive, I would totally go to Columbus to see the draft party, I'm not stalking him........I swear.

Q-girl said...

Draft party sounds like FUN. But shouldn't you be grabbing yourself a handfull of Pazzy?

yeah, I always say I am not stalking, but I am totally stalking and I have been honing my stalking skills since puberty....which was a loooong time ago.

PS. my sister is in Columbus right now. She started in St Louis, then to Columbus and is soon off to Pittsburgh. When she asked if I wanted anything from the states, I said - a player from each town. She said she tried to catch Brassard for me but Frenchmen are slippery.