Sunday, June 15, 2008

These are the people in your neighbourhood

Dog walking teaches you all sorts of things about your neighborhood, especially when your dog is old and slow. Then you have plenty of time to look around and take it all in. Today I took my dog on a short walk and as we were returning home we had to walk past the shifty blue apartments that are always inhabited by several dozen young men. You would think I would like these apartments for their exceptionally high young man quotient, but I do not. They are always loud party houses.

Today I am walking by these apartments, which are not but a block from my house, when what do I spot airing out on the step – a trapper. Is that what I think it is, yes indeed – a goalie jock out for all to see. Oh my, I look away...then I look again, because of course I am going to peep at goalie gear just sitting there (do I like the gear more than the boys who wear it?). What do I spot next? – a Truro Bearcats hockey bag. The Truro Bearcats are a MJAHL team.

If it is indeed the goalie equipment of a Truro Bearcat who is living in town and training for the summer it can belong to one of three boys: 19 year old Colton Lewis, 18 year old Luke Gallant or 21 year old Pierre Alexandre Marion.

Marion used to play in the QMJLH (Drummondville and St. John's) but was taken into the MJAHL for his overage season. He was this years MJAHL MVP award winner and he sported a GAA of 2.18 and a save % of .932 after 45 games and 2664 minutes of play. Marion also led the league with 6 shut-out wins and was named as goaltender for the 07/08 All–Star roster. Next Year he will be the playing in nets for the University de Moncton Aigles Bleus.

So, who is my new goalie neighbor?

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