Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lobsters could design a better website.

According to the Mooseheads fan focus committee the only problem with our website is that the scores of games are not posted quickly. In fact a few "FFC members indicated that the website was very good". The FFC must be made up of the kind of people who believe the internet to be a series of tubes.

The Mooseheads FFC members have clearly never gotten in their pod and tubed their way over to the wildcats website. The Cats have a player history record stemming back to their inaugural year which includes stats, team pictures, game pictures, bios and sometimes video. Hey look - it's Johnny Oduya. The Wildcats have set up a Youtube video page where they have posted some interviews with their shiny new draftees. I will be stalking on the Wildcats webpage all next year to find info on my unrequited love
Tyler Noseworthy (mmmm video) and my new cuddling partner Louis Boileau-Domingue. When watching the Noseworthy video I learned that the boy is actually a Newf...ahhhhh the mysterious lure of the Newfoundlander. I thought it was awfully strange for me to be so drawn to a forward from Dartmouth, but now I know why I am under his thrall.

Next up is the Sea Dogs website. The Sea Dogs do not have a good player history record, but they do have a Youtube page and they post picture stories every few weeks. The Sea Dogs rock my socks not only because of their focus on defense, but also because like a few of the other teams in the league (eg, Lewiston, Moncton, Rouyn-Noranda) they have a professional photographer. Thus game day photos are available for all the world to see and squee. The Sea Dogs have posted pictures and a video from draft day. Hey, there is Captain Alex and Kirky. Awwww Kirky is so 'Kirky'. Michael Kirkpatrick has just inspired me to coin a new adjective, and for that he gets a cookie.

Le Titan have no videos, but draft day pictures abound. Like the goalie hungry MFs they are, they not only acquired rights to Paul Dorsey, but they also drafted two new goalies Frederic Piche and Guillaume Nadeau. Piche is a ginge - huh, a red-headed French guy - that is crazy talk. Where can I acquire the rights to 10 goalies? I am am looking for a squad of goalies aged 20-36 (Brodeur aged). Please e-mail this info to QMJHLgirl@gmail.com

Even PEI are getting in on the awesome fun of draft video action. They have also taken team photos and created bios for all of their draftees which are now posted on their website.

Cape Breton, being the unfortunately poor island nation they are, stuck with their motto "Think Cape Breton First" and drafted hometown boy Logan Shaw. As a homer he won't think that Sydney is the most depressing place to play in the whole Q. Even the Eagles have a video of Logan's ceremonious walk to the podium to bathe in the pixie dust that James Sheppard sprinkles everywhere he goes. The Eagles also have their own Youtube account. Their Youtube page has video interviews with OUR PLAYERS.

Then the Mooseheads give us this.

I haven't even included the teams from the other divisions. I am pretty sure that Victoriaville have a good online record of their player history. Draft photos are up already - which is good because it allows me to prepare an eyebrow club invitation in advance to their 7th round pick
Vincent Tessier. If Vincent makes the team he is automatically accepted into the club. Now we can peep at high res pictures of new puppy Brandon Hynes (who looks stoned) and Antoine Tardif's brother Alexandre.

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