Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you got a goalie, yo I'll blog it

Every year Hockey Canada holds a "how to please Q-girl" camp for 12 young goalies. Of course, they don't call it that because it would upset the parents of the young goalies, instead they call it Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence camp. Three boys from the Q are invited including Cape Breton Screaming Eagles goalie Olivier Roy, Jake Allen of the Junior de Montreal (it is so hard to type that, can't I just keep pretending the Fog Devils still exist), and my cuddling partner Maxime Clermont of the Gatineau Olympiques.

Olivier Bellavance-Roy will make you see glove saves in your sleep

Other boys invited include: Nathan Lieuwen (Kootenay Ice), Bryce O’Hagan (Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds), Tyler Beskorowany (Owen Sound), Chris Carrozzi (Mississauga), Mike Murphy (Belleville), Chet Pickard (Tri-City), Tyson Sexsmith (Vancouver), Steven Stanford (Prince Albert) and Dustin Tokarski (Spokane).

The best part is the fact that they herd all of the young goalies into one building for me. It is entrapment at its finest. I am sure the film crew from NBC's "to catch a predator" will be there. Now, where is my ticket to Calgary?

I think I must get 5 hits a day because of people searching for Jake Allen Goalie. Hits from strange places like Tennessee and Kansas and stuff. Jake is very popular. I am sorry if Nashville is hunting for his ass.

Also, when it comes to building my small goalie army, may I just say - 1 down, 9 to go. HA!

I must also send out huge CONGRATS to former Screaming Eagles goalie Ondrej Pavelec of the Chicago Wolves. The Chicago Wolves have won the AHL Calder Cup. They defeated the WBS Penguins in 6 games. Pavelec played 24 games and posted a 2.34 GAA and 0.921 save % for this playoff run. Oh Ondrej, you were my #1 non-Mooseheads Q-goalie boyfriend of 2006-2007 and my heart still belongs to thee, you know that right? I am just realizing that boyfriend turnover in this league is exceptionally high and I must look like a huge goalie loving skank.


So I am walking around my block yesterday morning with my dog, just minding my own business, when I think I see Sydney native Chris Culligan, new captain of the Screaming Eagles. Then I think pffff, that is not Cully because he does not live in Halifax and I go on with my day. Later in the day I am checking the local news when I find an article on James Sheppard of the Minnesota Wild. It says that James is no longer living in Lower Sackville with his ma and pa, but that he is instead living in Halifax for the summer with two roomates, one of which is Chris Culligan. Does this mean that Chris Culligan and James Sheppard live in my neighbourhood? If so - too awesome.


Heather said...

Btw, this is wraparoundcurl.

My pretty pretty Tokarski showed all the other goalies up. I just know it.

Hilarious as always, I will toss ya in my link round up.

Q-girl said...

pfffff Toka needs pants that fit. All he showed them was his bum when the other boys pantsed him (don't get any dirty ideas).

OliRoy is showing all of the other goalies up. He has broken all of the Q records for a rookie - most wins, most shutouts, long shutout streaks. The kid blows my mind.
He should be a high NHL draft pick next year (if he keeps it up)

I would love to be there oogling, judging moves, holding up little scorecards, getting slapped on the hands for trying to touch.

elise said...

Aww...I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Screaming Eagles/Pavelec ever since the Wild drafted Sheppard and I started following his junior career (we'll ignore their minor playoff collapse last season).

And the fact that Shepp/Culligan live in your neighborhood is, um, completely awesome.

Q-girl said...

That collapse broke my heart. I am from Cape Breton and I was home during the 3rd round. The feeling in the city was electric, Eagles signs in every window, flags on every car. We were up 3-1 then ka-boomy. Fuckin' val d'or, took my Mooseheads goalie (Duchesne) and used him to defeat Pavelec. At least the Maineiacs crushed val d'or - then got crushed themselves in the Memorial cup

elise said...

I know! We (and by we, I mean the Wild haha)drafted Sheppard, I grew fond of him, started following Cape Breton, they were doing awesome andI was so excited and so convinced they were going to move on and then they just...didn't.