Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Trade talk and the draft is discussed by Wuest in his latest blog post. He states that:

Yetman, who projects as Halifax’s starting goaltender next season, is virtually guaranteed not to be dealt. MacMillan will be sought after by contenders such as the Memorial Cup host Rimouski Oceanic, as will White, to a lesser extent.

“Nobody’s untouchable,” Patenaude said. “If I get serious offers for any of our players, it’s going to be discussed. If a team will give us what they’re worth, we’ll do it.”

I say "noooooooo, not my Whitey. Trust me Rimouski you don't want Whitey " (grasps Andrew White tightly to my bosom). "He only had 34 points this season...and he is a biter. I don't even think he is house trained. No, this guy in my arms isn't Whitey" (slips an Earle jersey onto White), "he's just some MJAHL player of similar origin and build - see Earle. Move along now Riki, move along!"

Also, Logan has to avoid doing that nostril flare thing, it is not pretty. I have seen it up close and I was like "damn- those are nostrils". Don't ever sit behind the bench, unless you want to see and smell things that no girl should want to see and smell.

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