Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tim Horton's Camp Day/ Logos

Camp Day
Select Mooseheads players will be participating in Tim Hortons Camp day by hanging out at a Timmies and selling us coffee. The boys will be loitering at the Forest Hills Tim Hortons in Cole Harbour on June 4th (tomorrow) between 12 and 1. If only the Mooseheads organization could have announced this a bit more than 24-48 hours in advance....and really, can't the boys give more than 1 hour of their time. Also - Forrest Hills is too far away for a person with no car. Remember moose - "Things will be great when you're downtown". I do, however, like the picture from a former Camp day that they put on the Mooseheads website - there is a cop there to keep creepy girls like me (wiggles fingers) from touching the boys.

There is a blog called "TOURNAMENT OF HOCKEY LOGOS" at which you can vote for your favorite hockey logos (duh). Right now voting has started for QMJHL logos. The Foreurs are currently pitted against the Huskies. The Huskies are winning. Shawinigan apparently has a new logo, but it is not the one in the voting tournament. I wanted Chretien to be their new logo. Our new "Halifax" logo is also not included in the tournament.

My penchant for good aesthetics, clean lines, and red/white/black things draws me towards the Remparts logo. Their red is so shiny and the off-white shade of their jerseys is so stylin'. It reminds me of a scene in "American psycho" when the guys are comparing the fonts and subtle off-white shades of their business cards.

PS. I am retrofitting my Whitey voodoo with a chain by which I can tether him to my bra. Ha. Now he can never leave my bosom.

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