Monday, May 5, 2008

Rouyn-Noranda vs Olympiques Game 2: Sorry Huskies, I did you wrong

I have been slow at writing my Q update because of IIHF fever, NHL fever and oh, yeah, that pesky hour long presentation I have been preparing for Monday - the only thing not getting done is the presentation. I sit here mid-Stars vs Sharks (after the second OT) trying to rejuvenate my mind with a little shot of Brett Morrison. Brett is a wee spriggin' looking fellow who has been tossed around the Q (Gatineau, PEI, Rouyn-Noranda) and passed over for two drafts before getting a tryout with the oilers and finally being taken fifth round in the 2007 draft by Anaheim. Brett looks good for a boy from Cape Breton, so spriggin' (like Kirky), so clean, so fresh and so tidy - thus so much different than boys like handlebar 'stache Swan, Joey Haddad, Murd MacLellan or Ryan Sparling (who, although he looks clean, you just know he is pure evil). Yes Brett is from Cape Breton and he has pixie face - it is possible.

The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies did a complete 180 and defeated the Gatineau Olympiques 6-2. Brett was the playingest player with 1 goal and 3 assists. Michael Debuc also potted 2 goals and 1 assist. The Huskies scored 5 unanswered goals in the first two periods, driving Ryan Mior from the nets. Mior is a mad man, he could do anything. Is he angry, will he be back with a vengeance, have the Huskies been slaughtered in their sleep? We will not know until May 6th.

Gatineau were finally able to respond with two goals in the third by Prokop and Chabot, before pulling my new 'baby boyfriend' and 'cuddling partner' Maxime Clermont from the nets in the final minutes of the game. Huskies finished them off with an empty net goal by Debuc. The Olympiques then had to put 'Cuddly Clermont' back in nets because they knew they were boned. You can check out the scoring recap at the QMJHL website. Pictures can be seen at the Huskies website.

I was also wrong by saying that the Huskies would not be able to keep their penalties down, but they only allowed 4 and killed off all of them. In the meantime they got 4 of their 6 goals on the power play with a 80% pp efficiency. I am going to have to give props to 'the Gouge' for his 0.935 save % and the fact that he had an assist. Mind you he only faced 6 dangerous shots. Props come in the form of a picture - a picture from his days as a Volt because I have no good pictures from his visit as a Huskie.

Maxim Gougeon is seen here lookin' like a Volt but he is really a Huskie. I call this seeing the world through Volt coloured glasses.

We should all still be trying to guess what the 'piques secret weakness is.


Dear Carey Price
I still totally heart you. How could a girl stay angry at a boy with those sad puppy dog eyes? Do you want to cuddle, because I would totally be down with that. No, keep the gear on!!!

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