Sunday, May 4, 2008

IIHF mania: Goalie hunting season is now open

What? This is a perfectly healthy obsession. I am, after all, a Canadian. Do you want to know what is unhealthy? All men grow whiskers, but when they put on a goalie helmet all you can see is the upper lip, so it looks like they all have moustaches. I think I am developing a moustache fetish. The moustache fetish thing has shades of Felix Potvin crushes written all over it. mmmm Potvin.

Finnish Goalie Niklas Bäckström. As we are all aware, Niklas plays for the Minnesota Wild.

German goalie (born in Kazakhstan) Dimitrij Patzold is the property of the sharks (like the teal and orange didn't give it away). He spent most of 2007-2008 with the AHL affiliate Worcester Sharks.

Latvian netminders Edgars Masalskis (#31 - Metallurg Zhlobin - Belarus) and Sergejs Naumovs (#30 - HK Gomel - Belarus). The Americans kept running poor Edgars - he lost his mask twice.

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