Thursday, May 8, 2008

Olympiques vs Rouyn-Noranda Game 4: This is for the Ds

What can I say? - the ‘piques are on a roll. They have defeated the Huskies 4-1 and now lead the series 3-1 heading back to Rouyn-Noranda for a game on Friday. I can even see an evolution in their game from when they were playing in Halifax at the Metro Centre during round three, as compared to their games now. They are playing smoother as a unit, their passing seems better, pucks are connecting tape to tape to tape, and there seems to be less stupid turnovers in the neutral zone (but that could just be due to the larger size of our ice surface). They are still keeping it tight in front of their net.

I am not going to comment too much on the game since I was not really paying attention, but Byron (yeah!!! again) had 1 goal, 2 assists. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of him, either because he is too small to see behind all of those other players or he is too fast for my camera. Instead I will give you a picture of Byron WITH Matthew Pistilli – who was a getter of 2 assists during last night’s game.

It is hard to tell who is who when you are watching the Telus feeds, especially with no volume (I was TV multitasking) but when the volume was on, one name I did hear over and over was that of Joey Ryan. Oh Joey Ryan, I don’t know how wonderfully defensey you were being to make your commentators scream with joy like that, but if I do say so, it sounded good for them. Was it good for you?

Tell Ryan Mior he can read to me from his text books or throw me up against a wall anyday. All that puck handling and a 0.966 save% not only gets him A) the flinging of my panties in his general direction, but he can also exchange his game winning puck for B1) a coffee date, B2) a romantic walk along the water front, B3) extensive cooing with the fluffy hair smelling, the seductive breathing in the ear, and the neck caressing, B4) things I dare not say on this blog in case P-O or Travis Fullerton find out I have been making advances on goalies other than them.

Dear Ryan, don't tell my other goalies I said rowwwrr.

Halifax seems to have forgotten that there is a QMJHL final going on. They are not covering this in our newspaper. However, there are some good stories to be had where hometown boys are concerned:

Saint John NB’s newspapers have had some write-ups concerning the finals (game 3), as well as a story about Brad Tesink of the Acadie-Bathurst Titan

Ryan Mior has an interview with the St John’s Nfld newspaper- I am loving his down to earth attitude and winning ways. Does anybody know which university he is enrolled with and if he will be playing in the Maritimes next year?

Cape Breton loves the Huskie’s Brett Morrison and Jarrad Struthers, as such the Cape Breton Post have been covering this last round of the playoffs from day 1 - See here for a story on Morrison and Struthers and here for a write up on Game 2.

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