Friday, May 9, 2008

For your QMJHL fix in English should check out the Lewiston MAINEiac's blog "The Asylum". It is great. At least I know someone else cares...or is payed to care, about what is still going on in the Q when their team is out of the running. May I also suggest a quick peek at the MAINEiac's homepage for all the latest MAINEiac's player news.

hmmm let's see: Delmas is expected to be a high draft pick and Lewiston rubs it in our faces that they have yet another great goalie. Winger Danick Paquette is also expected to be an early draft pick. Stefan Chaput has signed a three year contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. Jakub Bundil has left me crying in my breakfast cereal over him because he will be playing College hockey in Ottawa, and Kirk Rafuse will keep trying to charm me next season with his 'bitchfaceiness' - and if he plays well I might just be able to ignore the fact that he is only 5'10, embrace his bitchfaceiness, and offer to nuzzle him.

For your fix of LHJMQ en Francais don't forget to check out RDS....when you translate articles into English via Babblefish you find out that some of our boys are collecting 'master keys' and 'eating disks' sounds like a video game. No wonder the Mooseheads could not advance past round three, the Olympiques were playing hockey and we were playing Legend of Zelda.

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