Wednesday, April 9, 2008

tanks boys

Tanks from the tanked. That game was long and it took a lot of beer to get through it. Not only that but I developed a bad case of sofa butt. My butt used to be nice but then you had to go and ruin it all by playing into 3rd OT and making me load up on brain-juice to stay awake. I was all bloated and gross- next time I feel the need to get drunk on a Tuesday it is straight tequila for me.

Thank you Jakub Bionicek. My gift to you is this new handle. Use it wisely. This lushy poindextress really needed her sleep.

Jabub Voracek had the game winner at 3:02 into 3rd OT. He deserves more than stars and cookies , he deserves a marlenka.

The three stars blow my mind - Culligan, Haddad and Bodnarchuk. Really? Here we have a game that goes into 3rd OT with over 100 shots on net and only 3 goals per team and yet the squeelicious 'gardiens de but' get no props. Sir, I am offended.

Not only that but Bionicek had 3 points (more than any other boy on either team with one goal, two assists) which included the game winning OT goal and he got no stars. The levels of bogosity on this call are immeasurable. Speaking of bogosity - WTF is with the early whistles on plays near the nets. Dear refs keep your eye on the puck - what exactly do get paid for again?

In a game like this stars should not be rewarded for effort - they should be rewarded for results. Jake = results.

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