Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News links Redux

If you were to read the local newspaper you would think that there were only two guys playing for the Mooseheads right now: Yetman and Marchand. Sure the media quotes other players and asks them what they think of said fellows, but for now let's just treat them as if they are irrelevant for anything but quotes. That being said, happy birthday to one of the silent partners on the team. I haven’t heard from you in ages - the media does not talk to you. Have you shaved yet? Don’t make me saunter over to that bench mid-game with a can of shave cream and a razor. Have I said "coo" to you lately? Coo.

Also, while we are on the subject of shaving – Simon Despres – shave – you are starting to look like Andre the Giant. Ugh, and what have you done to your hair? Sweet little big boy- no, no, no. That is just not right.

Cape Breton:
The Post can't get enough of Marchand either, Vincent says:

“He said that he likes to be in the middle of the scrums,” said Vincent of Marchand. “That’s fine, we can live with that. But when you start challenging the bench of the opponents — you’re a big mouth — someday somebody’s going to get tired and drop the mitts. I’ll never call anybody to fight. I never did and I never will. But the real tough guys, usually they don’t speak. They play with what they have.”

ohhh snap Marchand. We will see. But I wish we could talk about something besides you for a change. I am getting a little tired of you. When you were not here yet all we did was talk about you, then you came here and you sucked so all we did was talk about you, and now that you are playing well all we do is talk about you. It is like the way the NHL shoves Sid down my throat and I am so sick of him too...he even gets on the cover of 'Lifestyle Maritimes' magazine- and that shit is no fun.

Sea Dogs:
The telegraph journal does a comparison of Fullerton and Champion' stats and then continues to be be all over Fully like a puckbunny in heat with yet another goalie-centric article. I see their logic in wanting to talk about him, he is so acrobatic and fun. I can't get enough. Fun, fun, fun.....fun. I could watch him just standing there in the crease eying the play as it unfolds up ice and he would still be fun. But dearest Fully, a loss does not mean you should bleach your hair back to blond - that is forboden.

'One other factor not mentioned is Fullerton's jet black hair. Saint John's goaltenders dyed their hair black for the playoffs while the rest of the team went blond. So far, the new look is working.

"I was supposed to dye it back if we lost a game, but we've been doing pretty good so I might just keep it for the playoffs," Fullerton said.'


Then they have a little article on Sea Dogs head coach Jacques Beaulieu. They even did a story on his wife at some point...the Saint John media is going nuts with this team.

Acadie - Bathurst:
All of this fuss around the Sea Dogs, their agile netminder, and their fancy 2-0 series record leaves the Titan wondering where they stand and what exactly it is going to take for their offensively minded team to break through the barrier of the Sea Dogs defense and speedy-smart shut-down line of Gauthier, Liske and that ummm 'distinctive-looking' Kirkpatrick kid.


Stefano Giliati (of the MAINEiacs) is also carrying on with his post QMJHL playoff career. He signed a 3 year entry level contract and is up with the Toronto Marlies - good for him. I was kinda slow on the draw with this one because I was all over the Bernier thing.



oops I missed the herald. They talk to the Eagles, and to MacAskill and Corsi but nobody talks about 'that guy'. Horray.

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