Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Smith is our biggest problem! - Bitch please!

Announcements were finally made regarding the future of the Mooseheads organization. After a star packed but overall lackluster year, this team, with very little defensive strategy, very little offensive strategy, and very poor management of the goaltending situation decided that it was best to give everybody a contract extension. Yes, you heard me right. A contract extension - 2 years for head coach Cam "no shut down lines" Russel, two years for Marcel "I'll give you Corsi for Bouchard" Patenaude, plus a and a year each for assistant coaches "there is only 1 PP" Donnelly, and MacLeod, plus one year for Patrick "I can't make but I sure can break goalies" Dallaire.

Dear P-O, I blame you for this, why did you have to continue to be sweet and say only nice things about your goalie coach- I hate watching the products of his coaching. You are a nice boy who was treated unfairly by the people of Halifax and by a coaching system which tried to repress your natural ability, and you go and recommend them for contract renewal. Sir I challenge you to drink beers with me to discuss this. Yeti is also invited. I do not think he was treated well either. Beers all around (for goalies). We can watch that last Stars vs San Jose game, maybe at Keith's or Henry House. Do you know that the silly men on the boards are back to blaming you for stuff, and ripping the Ds because the forwards could not perform? They piss me off, maybe moreso than the Mooseheads organization - and the organization really pisses me off.

I am going to remain sweet and calm. I just hope I do not find a board with a nail in it, or some other weapon like device just lying around in the next couple of weeks.

That being said, fourth line winger Daniel Smith will not be returning because he is giving up on hockey and going for a degree in business. So Dan Smith was THE problem all along, including the period between December and March when we played ~ .500 while he was away with a hand injury. uhhh huh.

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