Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sea Dogs vs Huskies: Game 4. 23 individual kisses.

I did a play by play of the game. Yeah I suck.

1st period

Keven, Keven, Keven, Wooooooo. Sea Dogs get the first goal

A couple of incidents of sustained pressure on Fully in the first 10 minutes – looking good boy.

Huskies defense = diving not for the player or the puck but for their own net. Uhhhh how is this not a penalty

Vishnevskiy on delay of game – please take advantage of this Sea Dogs. All these guys do is get penalties.

Howes Howes Howes woooooooooo. 14 goals in the playoffs bitches. 2 PP goals this game for the Sea Dogs.

No dogs – stop with penalties.

Liske - one excellent way to kill a penalty is to be offensey. Smart boy.

Stich clears. More awesome than possum – PK killed

Gallant penalty – check from behind. Are you Bouchard? You get penalties for being you!

Fully Fully Fully – off the chest – pffff don’t shoot there stupid Rouyn!

Booo Huskies score a PP goal on a make up call. Don’t give up dogs!

Giguère ties the game with a shot through the 5 hole in a 5 on 5. Don’t give up dogs. No more turn overs.

Rouyn’s Riendeau fires a shot off the cross bar

Fully - relax, breathe, relax. Hugs.

2nd period

Hawes (Rouyn) fires a shot off the post

Fully - relax, breathe, relax… nice save. Breathe relax

Simon noooooooooo. High sticking penalty

Damn – Huskies goal by Desjardins

Sea Dogs – Keep the Huskies boys away from the net for those rebounds. Tight box, tight box.

The Sea Dogs go on the PP on a Huskie’s slash

The puck is stick checked out of Huskies zone

Keep up the pressure boys

Howes goal. Woooooooooo. Game tied 3-3.

Morrison making pressure for Huskies, goal

Fully – breathe relax breathe

Time out for Sea Dogs. JB talking to Fully – I bet he is saying breathe, relax, breathe.

I almost don’t want to tune into the Mooseheads game when it starts in ohhhh 15 minutes.

Grant makes pressure – Gougeon saves. Announcers said Gougeon looks funny. Like, no duh!!! Have you seen him play before? No, he did not have some of the best stats for the season- what are you looking at color commentator guy!

Thomas penalty – stop it with penalties Sea Dogs

Sparling slash or Dido penalty? What? Both!!! But they kill penalties - Sea Dogs need them. Huskies get a 5 on 3 for at least two minutes.

People are throwing shit on the ice. Wouldn’t that be funny if they were actually throwing shit on the ice – like monkeys these folk from Saint John are – crazy monkeys

Grant blocks, then clears the puck. Cleared again.

Breathe, relax, breathe. No goal for Rouyn - high stick

Fully stops a one timer

Pressure still on. Cleared.

5 on 3 done. Still 5 on 4 for the Huskies for over a minute

Cleared from the Sea Dogs zone by Gauthier

Make up call for Dogs. Huskies penalty. 4 on 4 hockey. Make up calls are for chumps. They just show that refs are fools. Refs and their stupid zombocracy.

Dogs on PP for about 1:30

Penalty killed by Huskies.

Kevey (can I call you Kevey, Mr Charland?) shoots – Gougeon saves

The boards are scaring me. Pressure in the Sea Dogs zone. Després gets the puck out.

Huskies get back in but Thomas clears the puck

Fully saves on Carpentier, then loses his stick. Breathe, relax, breathe

Gauthier hauled down on a breakaway. Where the hell is the penalty shot!!!!

Simon - there is a Husky in your back pocket – too cute. There is also a dead yellow rat on your head - less than cute.

Shot by Grant- Gougeon stops puck, smothers it with his wee tiny body.

Kirky from Grant whoooooooooo goal

Kirky Kirky Kirky cookie.

Tied going into 3rd.

Must go to Moose
I will check in during our intermission.

3rd period

Fully kneeling in his net- goal review again (shades of when I tuned in last night) – no goal

Pad saves are sexy

So are blocker saves

Penalty expires, yet Sea Dogs get another penalty on Stich. Damn

8 PP for the Huskies so far this game.

Cleared from the Sea Dogs zone, back in but cleared again by Grant

Fully - Motherfucker what an excellent glove save at about 10 minutes in. You rock my world. That was better than foreplay. I am now good to go.

Shot over the boards – no penalty.

Riendeau goal (from Macenauer and Carpentier). Huskies lead.

Fully – breathe relax breathe

Dogs – careful hockey no desperate penalties.

Hooray - PP for the Sea Dogs.

Fully are you having equipment problems? – no blocker shenanigans. They are not showing you on the camera. This happened to Roy in CB and Benda had to come in for a minute.. stupid rule huh?

Grant – get it on net next time please.

Save on a breakaway, Save on the wraparound – Dear Fully, here is my bra.

Dido and Sparling putting on the pressure in the Huskies zone.

Cleared by the Huskies

Pressure in Sea Dogs end – damn

Less than two minutes left.

Empty Seadogs net

Huskies clear the puck - icing. This is the longest 30 seconds of my life.

What are we waiting for this time. Adding time to the clock – OK

Cleared again. Icing

Ohhhh poor Dogs. Sea Dogs lose 5-4. The Rouyn Noranda Huskies take the the series 4-0.

I love you. Here are 23 individual kisses.

20 year olds get stars. – Fully gets 3rd star.

Sea Dogs. Go out and get drunk now. You deserve it.

The Huskies fired 43 Shots on Fullerton, with 26 dangerous shots

The Sea Dogs fired 37 shots on Gougeon with 14 dangerous shots

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