Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Moose vs Olympiques: Game 3. Shut down lines. We don't need no stinking shut down lines!

Moose lose 6-1. Yeti was pulled with about 15 minutes remaining in the third. P-O got his chance in nets, he let in no goals. Go Go P-O. I am glad you got some playoff minutes in, in this, your last year in the Q. Something about your standing at the net just makes me feel right.

From the mouth of the inexperienced:
Russell, on matching lines: "Typically, your matches are, you want to have your top defencemen out against the other team's top lines, but forwards against forwards, we don't get caught up in that much. You could have a coach where every offensive faceoff, he would put a line on that would make us take our top line off. We trust all our forwards to play against any line out there."

Paul Byron and Claude Giroux were kicking our asses again. The only Moose goal was scored by Colby Pridham from MacMillan and Bona. White and Pridham had 4 shots on net each, Voracek only had one, Marchand had none. I don't want to talk about it. I watched the first two periods and then had plans to go out with a friend. I will watch the end of the third tomorrow to catch my glimpse of P-O. There is no way a team of this caliber that makes it to the semi-finals should get swept unless ....

ps. high quality Telus feeds suck. They keep freezing. It is not worth the money

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