Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye and Hello Goalie

Fullerton - I currently have my friends dreaming about you. A friend told me this morning that she dreamt she was calling her boyfriend but you answered the phone. She has no idea what you look like. She has never seen you play? Do CG and I discuss hockey so much that it gets into the heads of our other friends? Your season is over, your Q career done -you are now a member of the private domain. If Martin Brodeur is my bottle of wine, and Pelletier is my appletini, then you Sir are my bucket of tequila. I will forever be enthralled by the way you wiggle across the crease. Citizen Fullerton, I must let you go so that you can be a regular boy now.

P-O - You are back on my desktop. It is my only way of spending time with you before your place in my heart, and on my team, gets usurped by another goalie. Ohhhhh why do you have to go? This hurts. Why did I have to give my heart so completely and thoroughly to a goalie I knew would only be here for one season? Why did I give you my heart after one period of play? Oh yeah, that poke check. I am such a sucker for a good poke check. I am not this foolish with my real life romances – but I am so stupid when it comes to my goalie related romances (go-mances). Coo. Are you still sure that I cannot smell your fluffy pre-game hair? I wish I could talk to you just to clear the air on some team related things. However, if I were you I would run far, far away. Halifax was not kind to you…and me, well I am just plain creepy.

Ryan Mior- I am with you and your psychotic eyes all the way baby. Nuts to Gougeon and the smelly old Huskies!

Carey Price/ Martin Biron - Mmmmmmm. Let’s do battles Sirs! After tonight you will have my full attention. Pretty much everybody else will be gone.

Why do I like 20 year old goalies so much? I mean, have you seen Utica Devils aged Martin Brodeur? Even the way he is picking his ear is hot. Why do montages of goalies making save, after save, after save turn me on? Are we sure that repeated pad and toe saves with that little flick, flick, flick of the leg followed by a wiggle across the crease and a flick of the other leg is not a mating dance? Whoever says that it is not is a damn, dirty liar.


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Jonathan Bernier's AHL post-season is over. The Manchester Monarchs have been swept in the first round by the Providence Bruins.

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