Friday, April 18, 2008

Sea Dogs vs Huskies: Pre-game stats

I have already done a brief rundown of goalie stats for the semi-finals, so now I figure it is time to take a look at some of the shooters stats. It has already been stated by the media that special teams will be very important for this series. The Huskies have the most effective penalty kill so far this playoffs with a 90% PK efficiency, however the Sea Dogs have the most potent power play at 32.3%. Of all the teams remaining the Huskies have the worst powerplay at 24.2 % and the Sea Dogs have a PK of 80% - neither of these are necessarily bad numbers for a PP or PK. It will be interesting to see which special teams will be better able to adjust to their new opponents. Unlike the Sea Dogs who have allowed two short handed goals, the Huskies have not allowed any. The Sea Dogs will have to be very careful about not coughing up
the puck during their power play.

If we look at shots on net per game (Sea Dogs = 34.2 , Huskies = 35.75) and the number of penalty kills (Sea Dogs = 5.5 , Huskies = 6.25) these teams seem fairly even, however the goalie stats are very different, with Gougon's numbers being much better than Fullerton's. This may be because the Sea Dogs have been allowing many more dangerous shots - 45% of all shots on net for the sea Dogs have been considered dangerous, this is compared to the Huskies 26.6%. Would Gougeon's numbers be as good if 45% of the shots coming his way were actually considered dangerous shots. Dear God, Sea Dogs what the hell are you trying to do to Fullerton? Sea Dogs defense- you must be more defensey.

So while point production is fun and everything, other factors such as shots on net and faceoff wins must also be considered. Here are the top players on either team for a number of non-goalie related statistics.

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Oh Fully I knew you were done wrong, but I never knew about this Courcelles guy.

"The Lewiston Maineiacs ruthlessly cut their ties with him 1½ years ago after he had an off-season run-in with the law. Fullerton was nailed for drinking and driving during training camp in August, 2006, and then-head coach and general manager Clem Jodoin declared he would not allow a player with that kind of off-ice baggage to play for his team.

"This is not something this team will tolerate," Jodoin told the Lewiston Sun-Journal at the time.

Jodoin sent Fullerton home the very next day and made him wait until December before dealing him to a new team. Incidentally, that didn’t stop Jodoin from finalizing a trade for forward Simon Courcelles the same day he kicked Fullerton off the team, even though Courcelles had been involved in a drinking and driving incident one year earlier."

However, it is a damn good thing because it got you out of Bernier's shadow. Do you want to hug? Yes, this is the softer gentler, non-goalie eating side of me. I just hope P-O and Yeti do not mind that I am so firmly rasping on the left side of your neck...the side with the freckles. Yeah, I don't know what happened to my knickers, they just mysteriously vanished. Hey, I tried to be sweet and gentle but you let me get within 5 feet of you - then your kavorka got to me. You should have known better.


Dear Yeti

Do you see what Groulx is saying about you? Yes he is mean! Do you need a hug? OK then, let’s nuzzle. You know I love you right? You are my goalie and you know it is my sworn duty to love my goalies even if they play a boring conservative style. Wait – was that mean? Sorry. Here let me hug you tighter. Can I sit in your lap, smell your fluffy pre-game hair, and nuzzle your neck? Your funny neck beard tickles! Anyway, even if something goes wrong don’t forget that we have Pier to back you up and he is brillz. This is something Groulx and I can agree upon.

You have been playing very well, and you have remained cool, calm and collected. While I love goalie rage, you are not generally a rageaholic and you should not become a rageaholic. OK maybe you expressed some rage once, when you unsuccessfully tried to break your stick on the posts and Pier, who had already been pulled, was sitting on the bench doing the neurotic hat on, hat off, hat on thing which he does when he is stressed – but goalie go round will do that to boys. All that gear on your chest cannot protect you from the pain you feel in your fragile goalie mind after a super shitty game. However, goalie rage is just not appropriate at this time of year. If something goes wrong, give yourself a hug, ask Pier for a hug, or find me in the stands and come get your hug. Maybe we should all hug, mmmmmmmmm. Oh, we will work it out somehow.

But don’t worry sweet Yeti, should something bad happen because of that squirrely Giroux, just remember that even Mior has had his off nights during these playoffs. Also, did you see Carey Price last night? He was brutal. I think I even saw him emote – a small wince of pain brought on by the tragedy that was last night’s Habs vs Bruins game. Even Marty #1 has been all moody and out of position lately. It can happen to the best of netminders. Don't let Groulx get to you. Stay strong, the Moose need you to help them put out that Olympique Flame.

At least Voracek is feeling better. He has not been playing like himself lately. He has been good, but not Voracek levels of good - ya know? How this silly Czech robot caught a cyber-virus I will never know. We should keep him offline until the playoffs are done. We need to emerge from meeting three with Gatineau unscathed and ready for a good Dog Fight.

Mooseheads/Yetman picture from the Chronicle Herald (Eric Wynne)

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