Friday, April 25, 2008

Moose vs Olympiques: Game 4. Pride, Heart, Determination?

Is anybody there?

Me - "Oh Colby. Hi, how are you? What is that? You are looking for the rest of the team? Have you found anybody yet? "

Colby - "Yeah I think I see Whitey, maybe Knotek. Yeti got here a little late. You would think he could have shown up about an hour and a half earlier since he runs on Nfld time."

Me - "Good ol' Whitey. He always shows up doesn't he. Thank God I chose him as my favorite forward, other wise I might be let down by the high expectations but low production of our 'stars', you know, if I was the kinda girl who was into 'stars'. So who assisted on your goal?"

Colby - "Two big birds."

Me - "Pender and Swan?"

Colby - "Yeah, those guys."

Me - "How was Whitey?"

Colby - "Up to his old tricks."

Me - "Good Puppy."

Colby - "I got a goal yesterday too."

Me - "Good for you. Did you know that my girl CG finds you attractive? It must be the character thing. We have such very different taste. I like my boys to be very soft looking"

Colby - "Is she single? Is she French? French girls are nice!"

Me - "I feel the same way about French boys. As for CG, her husband is half French...France French. Sorry!
Speaking of French boys, how is Pier doing?

Colby - "Pier has shaved. That beard really wasn't working for him. Other than that, he has become quite good at pine surfing, door opening, gum chewing, and fingernail examining. He also feels more relaxed since he no longer has to worry about the quality of the ice in his crease. Man he gets so paranoid about the ice in his crease....or at least he did when he had a crease."

Me - "Gee, did any of the Halifax boys actually make the trip to Gatineau? "

Colby - "Halifax boys- let me think? Well I know Bona was here at some point because he assisted on my goal yesterday and he was a -1 for both games, which considering that we lost 6-1 and 5-2, is not half bad. He didn't even take a penalty. PEI was rocking it - Logan helped a bit. Damn it feels good to be an island - I mean, from an island"

Me- "Like Newfoundland, PEI or Cape Breton. Home sweet home. But I do not think that PEI reps combining for 6 minutes of penalty time is exactly RAWKING. Do you think Whitey will let me hug him?"

Colby - "He could use a good nuzzle!"

Me - "Excellent"

Colby - "Just be careful, he is a little angry and he's been biting. He doesn't think that being told to wear a wig or shave your beard is actually an effective coaching strategy for winning playoff games."

Me - "The two of you would have been excellent on a shut down line. You know, if we had a shut down line."

Colby - "Tell me about it."

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