Sunday, March 16, 2008

god damn it Fully I've been stood up

Moose lose 4-3. I am so drunk I should have left the original title spelling. There are 8 words in that title, all 8 of which were spelled incorrectly. I even spelled 'up' incorrectly. fuck fuck fuck fuck. All a girl wants is a little Fullerton in her last game of the season. All a girl dreams about is a little Fullerton in her games every fucking day of her life. Give me my God damn Fullerton. I NEED my Fullerton. I WANT my Fullerton. I've been robbed. All I get is a quazi-fuzzy Fully skating to the bench. Have I said Fuck yet?

All I want to do is take Fully, and tie him up and spank him and break him, and grind him up into a fine powder and roll around naked in him and snort him up my nose. Ohhhhh DAMN I have been ripped off.

Here is Mayer. What can I say about Mayer? Right now I am so bitter that all I can say is that he IS NOT FULLERTON- FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Ohhh his new Vaughn's are pretty.

But I'm happy I got me a little P-O, he looked slick, smooth, fancy. I wanted to touch him and he still looks pretty when he is sweaty. When he makes saves they are so damn fancy, I would give him a dozen cookies and a tongue bath for those saves. The goals against were not so bad, but I still feel robbed all around. We sat out Marchand, Voracek and Bodnarchuk (WTF ...losing on national TV is the best thing we can do for our team), so I think we set P-O up for a loss. Despite this, I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hand out the tough love to P-O. It is everything I have ever wanted and more (- Fullerton, who admittedly makes my loins hurt). I am going to smell his hair so thoroughly and give his pretty face a good Helen Keller-ing. Arggggghhhhhh.
I’ll get him a nice little box and keep him there at night or when I am not straddling his lap for the purpose of smelling his neck and hair and the little spot behind his ear where his neck and hair meet, then cooing about fancy saves while I play Helen Keller with his face. Maybe occasionally I will veer off course and caress his long neck or play with his pretty fingers. Then I will go back to his face - tracing down that landing strip along his chin, up along his jaw, right around the helix of his ear, over to his brow line and then down over his pretty little nose, left along his upper lip, right over his lower lip to the landing strip, and back down the chin. Then I begin to trace the other side of his face. I could do this all day. So fucking pretty!!!

I am so drunk. Dear Irish God forgive me, I realize it is not even really St Patrick's day. St Patrick's of course being St. P. Roy.
NHL news:
fuck the Penguins

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