Thursday, March 20, 2008

News and Hype and more News

Eagles vs MAINEiacs:
Here is a little article from today's Chronicle Herald about the Eagles vs MAINEiacs first round matchup. Damn, that best of 7 series is going to rock socks. Rock Socks son!!!

This is from the Cape Breton Post. Have I already said that this would be Sock rockin'? Oh my loins. The CB Post has all the inside scoop - apparently Czech netminder Marek Benda has had his arm in a sling lately, a little residual injury from the final game last Sunday . Hopefully he is OK, and can get in a few games because otherwise there will be a lot of pressure on Olivier Roy, and Benda seems to be able to come in pretty solid in relief when Roy has one of his 'bad' nights.

But if you want to know how the defending champs the Lewiston MAINEiacs feel, then you have to check out the Sun Journal. They feel funny in their tummies.

Mooseheads vs Tigres:
Willie Palov lines up the Pros and Cons of a Halifax Mooseheads matchup with the Victoriaville Tigres. Once again we stroke our highly lauded offense. Oh offense - please gel!!!

Then we get Weust's blog articles and stuff from the Halifax Metro- lots of stuff:
Experts favour us to win
The awesome power of experience
Stroking Marchand
Playoff stats
More stats, including stats which indicate why P-O is my man
Quotes from players (always my favorite)
Sportsnet think they know what is going down

Sea Dogs vs Rocket:
I know what you are thinking?
But what about the PEI rocket and Q-girl's secret lover- the Saint John Sea Dogs. For PEI's perspective we must check out the Guardian. Ohh, the commenters in PEI are as bitchy as they are in Halifax. Meow. In Halifax we would argue about stocks and weather (on game days it is always hideous) and walking the dog on a sports thread just to have something to bitch about.

NB newspapers have this to say:
Telegraph Journal: There is a little story about the former PEI - Saint John hockey rivalry. They say "Fully is Sexy - here is a picture". Well no, they don't really say that, but they do have a little picture of him even though there is very little about the Dogs in here.
This is more Dog Specific - but it is yesterday's news.

I will also include this news from yesterday (there is also a link at the bottom of the page) because it is Fullerton related and you know how I love Fullerton. It is so unhealthy. He is thinking staying in the Maritime's for university. Maybe he will play AUS hockey. If this is the case I plan on never graduating.

Titan vs Fog Devils:
It turns out that the Titan and the Fog Devils are also secret lovers kept under cover. Slick. Timo, why didn't you tell me? I offered you authentic German marzipan and you gave me nothing. If this is the case I expect a good lover's quarrel and steamy make up sex between these two teams during the playoffs.

Bathurst strokes Perreault and are grateful for the magic that is the Perreault effect. Tardif is still listed as day to day. Poor sweet little goalie.

The Titan playing rock stars (aka poor imitations of Steve Lund) would have been more amusing if you gave me a video or an actual newspaper article instead of just a picture. Ahhh but there is an article - apparently Champion can sing and play everything. Is he the next Gord Downie?

From a Fog Devils perspective we get this and this from The Telegram

See, sometimes I do provide useful information.

NHL news
Why Devils why? ohhh Marty #1 - you so pretty. I finally get some Devils game on my TV and you lose (AGAIN) to the Rangers. I was so happy that the Rangers defeated the Penguins just the day before (lesser of two evils), but there was no need to let them go and win two in a row. I am just glad Gomez was irrelevant to that Rangers win. I am gonna punch that guy right in his face.

This (re. Toskala and the puck bounce heard around the world) is just funny:
"I almost threw up when I saw it last night," former NHL goalie Kay Whitmore told The Canadian Press on Wednesday.

There have been a lot of Carey Price interviews on my TV lately. That boy has the worlds sexiest forearms...and always with the wristbands. I would be all like - "no Carey leave the wristbands on - rowwwrrr". You can leave the new pads on too.

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