Monday, March 31, 2008

Moose vs Tigres: Game 6. Done + Done, Done and Done

Well the Moose finished off the Tigres 7-0

Cape Breton defeated the MAINEiacs 2-1 in OT. Murdock MacLellan (the name and face can't get more Caper than ol' Murd here) scored the game winner. Jon looked crushed. Bernier faced 39 shots while Roy only faced 18. Don't worry Jon its not your fault, blame your offense. Do you need a hug? Would you like cookies? Would you prefer motor oil? Jon is going to cry his little eyes out tonight. Poor little robot Jonathan Bernier, and poor me. I will likely never see Jonathan in the flesh ever again. I am also going to go cry my little eyes out tonight. If only the Lewy bus would drive through town and stop overnight, that way Jon and I could hold each other and cry.

This means round two is a battle of Nova Scotia. Maybe I can travel home to see some games. My mother will love me. I will tell her I have gone home to visit her.

Acadie-Bathurst Titan defeated the St. John’s Fog Devils 4-3 and thus round two will feature a battle of New Brunswick as the Titan take on the Sea Dogs (I am having Travis Fullerton withdrawl... Fully I NEED you).

Last but not least the Remparts have defeated Chicoutimi 3-1 to take the series and Quebec will go on to face Gatineau. Let’s hope they do not try any dirty tricks on Ryan Mior.

MOOSEHEADS get a shutout

I mean, sure Yeti only faced 12 shots but a shutout is a shutout. This is Mark Yetman's third shutout. His first being Feb 2007, when we defeated the Volts and my sweet beautiful P-O Pelletier 4-0 (ouch P-O). The second was in the playoffs last year against Moncton. I think that by the third period we were not even trying to get goals any more. We were being merciful on the Tigre.

I cannot believe this team beat us twice. God, what were we doing in those two games. Cam went with the same lines from Saturday’s game and they worked pretty well for us the second time around. Should I have gone out drinking tonight…is that what the boys are doing? I would be drinking if I were them. I would also be drinking if I were Victo. P-O was so 'up in a tree' with Cacciotti (a former Volt) and Cliche, yak yak yak, hug hug hug. Why is he 'up in a tree' with everybody but me? This is so not fair. He is probably out at The Bitter End being 'up in a tree' with Guillaume Monast, PJ Corsi and Steven Cacciotti right now.

Have I mentioned yet that I love Pier's hands? He is all perfect with his huge hands and long pretty fingers. The things you could do with those hands.

Bryce and PJ should get free drinks tonight because each boy had two goals and PJ was awarded first stars.

Travis Randell looks like an old man, which is why I am going to call him ol’ man Randell from now on. What is with the extensive facial hair…he only just turned 17. I thought it was weird that he had chest hair when he was 15-16 (a picture on facebook told me so), but he grows a better beard than Mark Yetman who is 19. Yeti’s hair is all on his neck.

Graham Bona gets his kisses for being so absolutely huge and hulking and also for being a +4. GrahamBo has been waiting forever to be my D of the day…and today is his day. Maybe I will invite him for a cuddle, I have a large blanket...he is frickin' huge. I cannot mountaineer a boy that big.

That was totally non-informative…but I have had beers, what did you expect? That is why you get a picture extravaganza instead.

Wuest can tell you what happened in the game. Let's just say Poulin gave me a little sexy goalie rage and Victoriaville played goalie-go-round again.

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