Monday, March 31, 2008

Moose vs Tigres: Game 5

Hooray for our win. The Moose totally dominated and we did not give up any short handed goals. Whenever we give up a short handed goal on the PP it actually acts to negate any one individual goal we got on our PP. So even if we have between 22-25 % success on the PP, part of that is actually negated by the SHG we give up. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

Randell and Louis-Seize finally got to be involved in some playoff hockey

Justin Pender (the Pender Bender) had what I believe may have been his third unassisted goal (?). Newfies do it solo (just ask Yetty/Yeti). So now that Justin has shown that he can hit the net does this mean he can get some more PP time…maybe on the point? In the past four games Justin has almost doubled his goal production from the regular season, during which time he had 4 goals. I was hoping for a Newf dominant game with goals or assists by White and Randell as well. The Newfs were supposed to get goals and then we would all gather round and sing "Between two trees". Unfortunately, the White/ Randell/ Knotek line was not as productive as I would have liked. It is nothing against Tomas Knotek, but I do not like White with Knotek. My gut tells me that they do not work together...maybe they can prove my gut wrong.

Either John Moore or the color commentator said that “everybody wants to play with Andrew White”. This is because Andrew made them cupcakes (I told you the cupcakes would work). It is true. Even I like to play with Andrew White. This is why I have a little Andrew White voodoo doll which I hold to my bosom, and sometimes I play hockey with it. I use my Whitey voodoo to put the puck in the net. When I am done I feed my Whitey cookie crumbs, and then hold it to my bosom again.

Things that make me happy include 1) Eric Louis-Seize finally getting to play a playoff game. 2) Swan getting back into the game…even if he is on the fourth line. Sometimes he is on the ice, but he is not really playing. I actually like him with some combo of Eric or David. I like the super tough guy line. Unfortunately this puts Marchand with Hillier and Corsi...and I do not like that line combo. We have too many damn centers. 3) Jake finally realizing that he is not Samson, and that cutting his hair actually should not affect his game…it is all mental you silly little girl. 4) Yeti’s multi-minute showdown with the puck as it sat all alone in the faceoff circle to his left. He just hunkered down and did a stare-down with the puck. “Listen puck – I don’t like you and you don’t like me. We need a compromise. You promise to stay away from my net and I promise…. ”. I also am glad that Yeti can adapt later in the game despite normally being weak to start. 5) Voracek, Pridham and MacMillan together at last. 6) Guillaume was a +4 for this game. Thus I had to return the (-3) kisses I had previously taken away and I had to give him an extra kiss.

Kevin Poulin is a rag doll. Does he get tired by the third if he plays a full game where he is actually facing shots? His lower body would move into position but his upper body just appears to flop around. Poor boy. Get him to the Gatorade sports institute fast. They will say, you are losing too many ions, may I suggest you drink some Gatorade. I wonder why they have such a sports institute when the solution is always just “drink Gatorade”.

Quebec vs Chicoutimi

I read the following comment attributed to Martel and laughed.

“De manière sarcastique, Richard Martel a indiqué qu'une sanction juste, dans le cas de Jonathan Roy, aurait été de le forcer à garder les buts des Remparts.”

Essentially he is saying a better punishment would have been to force the Remparts to keep Roy in nets. Indeed that would have been much better.

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