Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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With the first round of the playoffs done there is not much for me to swoon about for the next few days except a Carey Price shutout (Superswoon), the fact the Montreal is tied for first in the East (Go away Pittsburgh- I hate you), the possibility that Pascal Leclaire will be Canada's goalie for the IIHFs (Swoon of he leaves his mask on), and the very possibility that NJ can win a game against a team in their division that was not Philly (marginal Swoon).

In the Q:
Samuel Richard is a Marcel-Robert Trophy Nominee playing for the Val d'Or Foreurs. His interview is now available at the Q website. mmmmm defense. Look at him with his 48 points - 12 goals and 36 assists. I assume that there is nothing else to do in Val d'Or besides play hockey, study, drink or practice your baby making skills. I would guess that Richard spends his time playing hockey, studying and fighting off girls who want to use him to practice their baby making...which is made much easier by years of playing defense.

QMJHL Eastern Division News links (some is Monday's and Tuesday's news):

MAINIACS to bid fans goodbye
Daneau, Giliati, Bernier all bid Lewiston adieu
MAINEiacs nullified
I told you Bernier would cry

Sea Dogs:
Opposites Attract
Ex-Sea Dog ready to face his old mates
Schedule: Game on

Travis Fullerton: Have I told you lately that I miss you? Oh don't look so shocked. You know how I feel. I wish I could be with you this upcoming weekend, but I will be with my own team in our own barn. I will be watching Yetman and Roy play but I 'll be thinking of you. I know it sounds skanky, to be with two goalies while thinking of another, but what can I say - I'm a skank.

QMJHL Playoffs: Fighting through adversity
Titan rally to win series
Titan's Blanchard turns heads

Fog Devils:
Fog Devils Finis

Start, Stop, Sputter

Screaming Eagles:
Eagles need OT to oust MAINEiacs

Collision Course
Rivalry heats up for real
Drama ahead in East series

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