Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moose vs Tigres: Game 1

Here is our hero of the night, Mr William Bryce Swan of Alder Point Nova Scotia- holder of first stars, maker of hat tricks and inspirer of hat throwing (and nobody ever throws hats for tricks in our arena- so 3 hats thrown is a motherfucking landslide). Bryce is trolling around in front of the net. This is an act which pretty much guarantees goals.

I fear for White because now that he is on the Marchand line he is in a situation where he will be facing more hits and getting more attention from defenseman. Despite this White still managed to pull out a goal (the only guy not from line 3 to get a goal) and had a pretty excellent chance for another goal. I have some video so I may start a youtube account and link to it. However, when all the attention is on lines one and two it allows line three to really step it up. It is obvious that the boys of line three are no slouchers and combine for an awesome 191 points during the regular season, so it is good albeit foolish for our opponents to have forgotten about them. Go line 3. whoot.

Bryce's third goal chased Poulin from the nets and he was replaced by Legault very early in the second period. Legault was much stronger in nets allowing only 1 on 17 shots and he did fancy things like this:
...and there is Swan again. Dear God Bryce you were a royal pain in the ass last night weren't you. I know you are sad that no one believed in you all year and you are especially sad that Q-girl dumped your ass for Andrew White, but ask yourself - were you happy with your performance in the regular season? You would have brief moments of brilliance and then the next shift you would fade into the background again. I don't want you to fail- I never wanted you to fail. I loved you. Heck two years running you were my favorite guy on the team. But I suffered through three bad months of emotional abuse from you at the beginning of the season before I had that affair with White. You broke my heart Bryce please remember that - You Broke My Heart...and now suddenly you return my call from January. I am so over it, but I wish you luck in all your future endeavours. Boys from Cape Breton are so very good at breaking hearts.

Then we have our unsung heroes - the boys in the pressbox. I must add this picture because it whiffs of Steve Lund and I miss Steve so much. I am amazed that I can recognize the boys from this distance. From left to right: Louis-Seize, Randell, Greer, Chisholm, Lund. Louis Seize was our only blond french boy and he lost his blond - Q-girl weeps silently - but I bet his blue eyes suddenly look much more awesome - Q-girl smiles.
Sea Dogs:
I have not watched the game yet - maybe this afternoon when I am done blogging I will watch it while I work out. However, pictures of the sea dogs Monte Carlo night are now available. They all have little bow ties on - too cute. I was right about Fully, you can dress him up but you probably wouldn't want to take him out. What I do notice about these pictures is that he has the prettiest eyelashes (this is not the first time I have noticed this but it reaffirms my previous thoughts on the issue) and he has long pretty fingers just like P-O. Yeti on the other hand has stumpy fingers like me. Fully is all long fingers, strong chin, pretty eyes and lovely wonky smiles - we just have to do something about the hair and eyebrows.

If I hooked up with Fully we could make pretty eyelash babies, because I also have ginormous lashes; but if I hooked up with Yeti/Yetty we could make stumpy finger babies. That being said I do not want to hook up with anyone for the purpose of making babies - I strongly dislike babies. I just sometimes think in genetic terms - wow if we mixed my eyelash genes with your eyelash genes our baby could have eyelashes big enough to destroy the earth - and other silly stuff like that.

On the issue of what the hell Fully did with his moustache when he dyed his hair black - well apparently the 'stache followed suit. Now, I am not a laugh out loud kind of person - but when I saw that he dyed his moustache black to match his hair, I really did laugh out loud. I can't wait to see him without the mask. Oh how I love Fully. Then my boyfriend said "You know, you probably wouldn't like him in real life, right?", to which I replied "shut up".

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