Sunday, March 23, 2008

Give cookies to Keven Guérette-Charland

Keven is the Saint John Sea Dogs' nominee for the Marcel-Robert Trophy. You can read an interview with Keven at the QMJHL site. Then you can preheat the oven because this boy deserves freshly baked cookies. Plus Charland had a goal and an assist tonight (just like our #22) - so he gets extra chocolate chips in his cookies.


There were more total and complete blowouts in the Q tonight. Who knew it was going to go down like that? Look at the Moose double-digiting all over Victoriaville. Victo was playing goalie-go-round - and we all know that GGR never ends well. However, Victo are dirty so they totally deserve any spankings we are able to hand out. Victo are all elbows everywhere- they have so many arms with so many elbows it is as if they are the Vishnu of hockey teams. What a bunch of dirty bastards and yet they get 6 penalties and we get 9 . Go figure. The penalties last night (or lack thereof) were a total joke as well. If I must say so though- hooray for our awesome PP tonight - 3/6. It's all OK until somebody gets hurt, and then I will demand Victo blood (more blood).

The stats around the Q were crazy tonight : 3 shutouts and 4 blowouts (unless you also want to consider Saint John vs PEI a blowout, I would say no)

Lew 0 Cap 3
SNL 4 Bat 5
Vic 1 Hal 11

Rim 3 BaC 0
VdO 0 Rou 9
Que 1 Chi 10
Sha 3 Gat 9

As for baby Roy - well check it out on TSN. There is a video link and everything. Poor, fancy, best GAA in the league, Bobby Nadeau. He is a lover, not a fighter. I only condone goalie fights when both goalies want to fight, but not when one boy suddenly goes batshit crazy, skates all the way down the ice and attacks the other goalie while he is just standing around at his net. There were 118 penalty minutes handed out this game - and check out the number of penalties in second period. How were there even unpenalized players available to play the game?

You know what I have noticed - Telus division teams are dirty. When Quebec was here they were dirty, Rimouski was also dirty, Victoriaville - dirty. I missed Chicoutimi (work X-mas party, but hockey would have been more fun) but I bet they were dirty too.

There were too many Moose to love tonight so if I have to choose one boy to kiss well then -
Kisses to Guillaume (two goals from a defenseman). Hugs to MacMillan for almost singlehandedly killing what felt like 2 minutes of a 4 minute double minor, and for being a +5 with 1 goal, 2 assists and a star. I am also blowing kisses to P-O for being so cheerful and smiley despite having to keep his ass parked on the bench.

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