Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Losers are losers, except when they are winners

sooo...Moncton loses, PEI loses, Baie-Comeau wins (dammit - daddy should know not to put baby Roy in against the Cousineau), and the water in Drummondville's Gatorade bottles has been spiked with steroids.

I tried to watch the game between Moncton and St. John's while I worked, however when one does this neither task is truly accomplished. Feeds from Moncton are still as I's shittiest camera work. This is why we should appreciate good feeds when we get them. Parts of the game are trapped somewhere in the void that is my brain. I find it weird that I can kind of watch a game and yet none of it really sinks in. All I can remember is that I don't think Moncton were trying their hardest, but this could be the opinion of the announcer and not my opinion. What I do know is that Jake Allen did not have his regular helmet on. My goalie peeping is truly the weirdest of fetishes.

"No Pascal Leclaire, keep the helmet on!"


More news:
According to Wuest - Pelletier should be getting the start in Friday's game against the Titan.

Benjamin Breault of the Baie Comeau Drakkar has been named the CHL player of the week.

The Mooseheads awards show will follow the Moose vs Saint John Sea Dogs game on Sunday March 16. The game starts at 2:00. There will also be a teddy bear toss. If only I could find a teddy in full goalie gear (fuck that...I'm keeping that teddy). Be there or be four straight lines interconnected at right angles.

Facts make for boring blogging.

I think I am forgetting something.

NHL News:
Ovie is on fire again. His girlfriend must have been shipped back to Russia.

Have I told you lately how much I hate Pittsburgh.

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