Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I want a life

Sorry boys
I missed the last half of the game. It can't be all moose ya know. I need a life. I am disappointed about the loss but I am glad that the Moose were feisty enough to bring it back for a 3-2 decision (for Lewy) after being down 2-0 at ~35 min. Would you believe me if I said I was out skankin' it up with Steve Lund while you are away? I was massaging his temples and saying "Is the headache gone yet?". Poor, broken, stay-at-home Lund. If Steve needs a good hit-man, I have a friend with a small child who is quite good at shanking people in the calves. A good shank to the calf can destroy a hockey career. No. OK, It was just a pipe dream anyway.

The live feed for the first period was crap, but I hear that Yetty/Yeti made a nice glove save in the first and managed to come out with a 0.921 save % on 38 shots. I am hoping for a delicious P-O in my barn this Saturday. It will be all snuggles, footy-pajamas, and bedtime stories for P-O if he wins at home vs. Moncton. Long time no see, Moncton. It should be easy...but nothing with our team is ever easy or predictable. If I have time I will catch the rest of the feed from tonight's game on archive tomorrow. This is what I already know: Voracek and White with goals, assists by MacAskill, Pridham, Marchand. So, who assisted my little puppy White? Either MacAskill or Pridham or both. Pridham doesn't work with either line right now and White is rarely on special teams, so I would have to guess MacAskill. Wait - I checked QMJHL again- I was right White from MacAskill - woo hoo. I do have hockey SMRTs. I bet White was being all 'Brian Gionta' about it - parked perfectly in front of the net and redirecting it in or catching a rebound. I should never guess though, since I am normally > 95% WRONG.

Dear Bods - get better soon
Yeti/Yetty - more stars, horray. Good thing I sent Monast out to buy a shelf for your stars. But let's put it this way - if you get stars for today's game, P-O should have had stars for the PEI game. How is it that a 0.96 sav % cannot buy P-O some star? I do not want to hear any excuses about the quality of scoring chances.



Oy to the facebook QMJHL group and to children who post on that group wall. If you don't understand grown-up concepts like sarcasm you shouldn't use grown-up words like 'fuck'. You make the rest of us Moose fans look bad....and this is coming from someone who appears to be on PCP (not crack - as they say, crack is whack).

One other note re. Rouyn-Noranda vs Val d'or - I heard that R-N played goalie-go-round tonight. Why don't coaches ever learn that goalie-go-round gets you nowhere - it is only the most effective means by which to destroy your net-minder's confidence. Val d'Or wins 8-2. Goalie-go round is so... not smart. I like the idea of Rouyn-Noranda vs. Rangers in the Memorial Cup, if for no other reason then to see Rouyn lose, then shrug and go "Really, we went with Gougeon at X-mas, really". Gougeon vs. Mason (I will be laughing in my sleep tonight). So while I am normally not the kind of girl to pick on goalies - Gougeon vs. Mason. Really? Really?

Lots of lickin's tonight and I am glad we were not one of them:
Val d'Or vs R-N: 8-2
Quebec vs Drummondville: 9-2
Baie-Comeau vs Shawinigan : 8-3

Gosh darn-it BaC we need you to lose. I don't know which part of lose you don't understand. Let me spell it out for you: Remember those two times you played us - those were losses. You should keep playing like you do when you play us.

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