Monday, March 29, 2010

This is something

So the QMJHL finally got around to putting up some info about Marcel Robert trophy candidate and Mooseheads defenceman Pascal Amyot.

I have some words of advice for wannabe doctor Amyot.

So you think medicine is glamorous? Everyone wants to be a Doctor. No, literally EVERYONE.  There is nothing glamorous about night shift at emergency, foot fungus, pap tests, kidney stones and prescribing hemorrhoid cream. This is what most doctors deal with on a daily basis. Forget medicine. Go into dental surgery. You only have to work 9-5 and you make tonnes of money. Most stupid kids don't even go into medicine because they want to help people. They go into it because they think it is the "ultimate job" for smart science types. Fuck that. Medicine is for wankers.

So is doing a PhD, but that is another story entirely!!!


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