Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spankings, Accomplished!

So yes, the Halifax Mooseheads handily defeated the Lewiston Maineiacs by a score of  7-3.  The rumours are all true. The Mooseheads are now within 5 points of a playoff spot.

In case my busy work schedule never gives me a chance to blog again - cookies go to Alex Lemieux  for feeling the need to follow the puck into the net...on his bum. Managing to get a whole human boy past the goaltender has to count for something. I would prefer if it counted for two goals. That now makes it an 8-3 Mooseheads win - hopefully the QMJHL website updates its stats accordingly. Not only that but both Lemieux and Gelinas each have three goals in their past three games. It was a big weekend boys- congrats.

Actually it was a big weekend overall since the team managed 15 goals (+1 human goal) in three games. That is a lot of boys getting a lot of goals.

As for Corbeil and I, every game our love grows. It is just like that "with every step, love grows" pendant from Charm diamond Centre (or Zales). If he is not careful I will buy him one. Mathieu Corbeil has been ensconced in ahmazing. Oh, I know it looks like a blue snuggie (to match the pendant), but that is what ahmazingness looks like. Corbs now has a 3.25 GAA and 0.897 save % in 25 games. I know those numbers don't seem awesome, but it is all relative - considering the team and considering the start they had to the season.

While the team is now awesome, I can't say the same for some of the people who sit around me. Even when the team was winning 7-1 (sadly, not the final score) they could still  find something to complain about. When someone is carrying the puck they should be shooting it or passing it. When someone is passing it they should be carrying it or shooting it. Carrying it is considered too fancy but passing it is considered too risky. All activities should lead to immediate shooting, irrespective of whether there is an opening in the net or a guy there to get the rebound. If you are reading this and thinking that it sounds bizarre - you are right. Now ask yourself: "Am I highly irrational while watching hockey games"? If so, the solution is to keep your mouth shut. You are just annoying those who sit around you.

...and then there was the guy sitting in front of me complaining about Yetman. I was wondering if  I could trephinate him with my high heeled shoe. Don't EVER fuck with my goalies.

I hate being surrounded by so much negativity.

Moose roll to 7-3 win

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RedFridayGirl said...

Don't you hate when the people that sit around you are so negative.. Hello people Take a happy pill, you can get them on almost any street corner and the doctors give them for free!!! Or go bang your partner release the tension.

Congrats on the win again Moose :0 I love the comment about Alex and should be getting 2 goals for his bum slide :-)

I have a few pairs of high heels as well and I wear them to most games.. if you ever need a wing woman. I am up for some shoeing. Your right no one should ever fuck with the goalie :-)