Friday, December 11, 2009


So I went to get my hair 'did' this morning, and while sitting at the salon I decided to thumb through Faces magazine's  December issue...because it was the only thing to read. To my surprise and delight I found Mathieu Corbeil inside (left click to save image for a read-ably sized jpg).

Upon reading this interview I realized, yet again, why Mathieu is my #1 QMJHL boyfriend. It's the dislike of country music and love of chocolate that binds us.That, and he is not "French-French", but "Montreal-French", which means that he does not want to get married and have babies by the time he is 21. The Montreal boys just want to party. The other boys from Quebec are practically married by the time they arrive in Halifax at the tender age of 17. Don't ask me to explain it - I can't.

If Matty is not your style and you are more into the "romantic type" you can read this profile piece on Charles Bety from the Chronicle Herald.

PS. the October issue of Faces has an interview with Konrad Abeltshauser and the November Issue has an interview Spencer Metcalfe.

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RedFridayGirl said...

It's all about the goalie :-). He has all the right equipment and should never change :-) it isn't very often someone his age has the head he has on his sholders.

Great article. Wonder where they had out these Magazine's.