Monday, November 30, 2009

So here is the deal

I am crazy busy. No time for anything but a stream of conscious rant about how the Moose lost 4-2 to the mutherfuckin Bathurst Titan. Besides, every thing that need be said has probably already been said by the newspapers (which I haven't even had a chance to read yet):

Lineup: Titan at Mooseheads
Mooseheads lose fifth straight
Moose lose key game 

May I recommend the following promotion - Turnover night. A vast amount of turnovers contributed to the Mooseheads loss. During the next "turnover night" we, the fans, can express our disappointment in a most appropriate way - by throwing turnovers on the ice whenever one of our defenceman turns over the puck in our zone. This is a punishment that is both embarrassing and delicious.

Metcalfe  and Hannay are sleeping on the sofa this week...and after I designed Matcalfe that fancy "hitman" shirt. Let it be known, however,  that they are not the only Moose players who deserve to be beaned upside the head with a bakery good.

like derrr:
Less than 24 hours after playing the stacked Quebec Remparts hard in a 4-2 loss, the Mooseheads lost some of their edge on Sunday. They didn’t have the same intensity as the night before and it was their undoing in a game that seemed to set up well for a win.

"I think that’s our problem a little bit, we play good against good teams and not the same against bad teams," Knotek said. "I don’t want to say that Bathurst is not good but they’re obviously not as good as Quebec so we should play better against a team like that."

Then there is Jessyko! I don't know how to deal. We break up, and after the initial gorging on ice cream and the self-loathing induced consumption of ketchup chips (why?), he rebounds like a lady. How do we do it? We pick up our socks, go shopping for a new dress, buy some new lipstick, change our hair, and have frequent martini nights. Now Jessyko is looking fucking great. Suddenly he is all obvious on the ice. Just imagine if that backwards backhanded shot on net had made it in. What would I do then?

Do I just let him be free and totally amazing or do I try to win him back? I clearly still have feelings. Has he not noticed the amazing Bernard shirt I designed? Look at how the 23 dots the i.

Cookies to Alex Lemieux for his intense and aggressive forecheck. Sure Randell and Amyot got the goals, Grant had two assists, and Randell walked away with stars... but ohhhhh Lemieux just kinda turned my crank.

PS. Yes dear Moose, you are cold again.
PPS. New Bety shirt at the Zazzle store.


RedFridayGirl said...

Ok I know from having a blog, it is a place to vent to the world that being said I know not everyone will agree with my posts.. and screw them they don't have to.. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.. so here is mine.

The boys were a little off the other night.. So much pressure and very little fan support. I am not a diehard hockey fan so after saying this comment I think that I might have some turnovers thrown at me.

It is a GAME!! yes we all want to be winners and let’s hope that you always play your best. People have off days and off games. When you are on fire and winning everyone wants to be on your team and cheers for you.. posts happy things but when you are losing look out, take cover cause they are pointing everything at you.

The boys are boys.. they are struggling to get through life they are growing up and becoming men, they are just starting there careers.

I will throw NO turnovers at anyone.. I will send lots of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice-cream and puck bunny hugs there way as I am sure they are beating themselves up more than the world is beating them up. Get’em next time Moose..

Q-girl said...

...but turnovers are delicious.

Yiabd said...

Turnover are good, the Bobby Smith good?