Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Much weeping is currently transpiring

Mooseheads defenceman Alex 'coop' MacDonald has been sent down to the Jr. A Dieppe Commandos for an indefinate period of time. Indefinite in this case meaning, of course, infinite. Apparently, I don't even have to break up with my Mooseheads boyfriends because GM/coach Cam Russell can do that for me.

Randy Chisholm* has been called up to replace an ill Joel (insert umlauts above e) Grondin. This basically means that Chisholm will be sitting on a bench wearing a Mooseheads jersey.

In an attempt to get to me the flu has also attacked my (soon to be ex -) boyfriend Jessyko 'coop' Bernard (?). Must resist his charms.

What did I tell you about the flu? It is picking them off as I would. Look out Corbeil and Gillard - you might be next.

Thanks for the info, Wuest.

*sometimes, especially when I have been drinking, I make mistakes. Mistakes like calling Randy Chisholm by the name of Justin Collier. Shit happens...especially when you have had 3 glasses of wine ...and when you kinda hope for the statistically better goalie.

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