Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just the facts

The Halifax Mooseheads took on Montreal in Montreal and came away with a point in a 4-3 shootout loss.

Bahm, Bety,  Stoddard
Randell, Knotek, Grant
Lemieux, Andrews, Gelinas
Bernard, Pelletier, Desjardins

Metcalfe, Hannah
Amyot, Brunet
Dimitruk, Gillard

Costello was playing GQMF

About the Montreal JR:
Jake Allen was in nets for Mtl while my beloved David Stich was out with the flu.

The game:
Within the first minute Bahm got into a fight.
The Mooseheads had the first goal on 5 on 5 play - Dr Carlossis from Pelletier and Hannay

Speaking of Hannay:

 Is this not a face that everyones mother could love?

I think I am developing a problem. When you are 17 it is called a crush, when you are my age... it is called a problem. I think it's the joker smile. I am a sucker for joker smiles (see posts tagged Tomy Joly). I have to stay away from the CHL...or start watching the games blindfolded.

The Mooseheads then got their second goal on the PP. Knotek made a pass to Randell who had come in from the point. Randell shot and the puck was deflected in by Bahm. The Moose finished the first period with a 2-0 lead.

Early in the second Corbeil was suffering from technical difficulty (an injured hand) and needed to be tended to so Grondin was put into nets. Grondin allowed a goal (on 3 shots) and was then immediately taken out of the net. Before the end of the second both Gouchie and Chouinard also scored to bring the Montreal Jr into the lead 3-2. Damn ex-Screagel. Don't say I didn't warn you!

In the third period Knotek scored an unassisted goal on a breakaway to tie the game 3-3 and Corbeil made a huge save on a point blank shot by Parkes.

The game went into overtime and nothing happened but it was awesome because it means that the Moose would be guaranteed 1 point. Every point is precious.

Tomas Knotek was the only Mooseheads to get a point in the shootout. Really? Randell? Whatever you say Cam!

Knotek (Hfx) – scores
Trevor Parks (Mtl) – scores
Gerrad Grant (Hfx) – save
Matthew Brenton (Mtl) - save
Carl Gelinas (Hfx) – save
Guillaume Asselin (Mtl) – save

Travis Randell (Hfx) – save
Jeremie Gouchie (Mtl) – scores


  • I think I heard Bernard's name... once.
  • How could I not give cookies to Bahm?  Am I on crack? Knotek MUST share.
  • Both Knotek and Bahm received game stars. Knotek was 3rd star for 1 G, 1A, and one SOG. Bahm was 2nd star with 1 G,  and1 round of foxy boxing.
  • Bety won 13 of 22 faceoffs
  • Jake Allen faced 35 shots, Corbeil faced 32 shots (+ 3 for Grondin).

News links: 
Video game highlights here.
Hannay picture screencapped from video


RedFridayGirl said...

Every mother and any woman.. YUMMY smiles and scents make me weak in the knees.. I have a feeling I might see an orange jump suit in my future if I say any more.. (will I have a cell mate :) haha)

The game was good I was sitting on the edge of my seat.. maybe cause John Moore's voice makes everything sound so exciting..

HOPE CORBEIL'S HAND IS OK!!!! Sending healign vibes his way!!

Q-girl said...

Yes, you will have a cell mate.

John Moore is always doing that to me. I always feel like their is no way they can't score. Then they don't score.

RedFridayGirl said...

Awesome.. we might have a whole block by the time the season is done :-)

John makes me sometimes even cheer for the other team cause his voice sounds like we have the goal..