Sunday, November 15, 2009

1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more

After a 12 game losing streak the Halifax Mooseheads have come back with a four game winning home stand. Yes FOUR wins. Last night the Moose defeated the Baie Comeau Drakkar by a score of 4-1. Four wins, four goals and FOUR fights last night.

I don't want to write a big blog post. It is already too late for that. Newspapers have done their job.

Some small things:
  • Konrad Abeltshauser and Garrett Clarke will each be out for over a week with knee injuries.
  • If anyone else checks Gillard from behind again I will personally kill them. I can be far more vicious than Spencer Metcalfe. Ok that is a lie, but I bet you any money I can give that pretty little Olsson girl a hard bitch slap and make him her cry.
  • Gerrad Grant needs to take his cloths off more often. May I suggest he not wear underarmour next time. Skinny is good. Girls like skinny, or at least they prefer skinny to over muscled meat-heads. Because Gerry couldn't follow up Friday night's 1G,1A performance with more goals he opted for fighting. It's like a Gordie Howe hat trick- but extended over 2 games.
  • Goals were by Knotek, Bety and Gelinas (x2)
  • Assists were by Bahm (x2), Stoddard, Andrews, Brunet, and Dimitruk
  • Game stars were Gelinas (1), Bety (2), and Knotek (3)
  • Mathieu Corbeil had another good performance making 32 saves on 33 shots for the win. The only Drakkar goal was on the power play.
  • Fights were by Metcalfe (perfectly normal behavior), Hannay (take me now), Grant (what the?... oooooh striptease), and Gelinas (or dear God have mercy on his little face).
  • Hannay has AMAZING eyebrows.
  • I am not bitter about Stoddard anymore.

The team is currently participating in a giant orgy of verbal fellating. Everybody is sooooo in love with each other and that's what makes it OK (and no one is getting used- this is what we tell our moms).

I mean check out these quotes from the past two days:

Metcalfe on the team - “We were talking about it in the room, we needed to have a good start and we did. Everyone played solid and everyone was confident.

Dimitruk on the team - “That’s a hell of a hockey team, the Moncton Wildcats. They’re probably one of the most complete teams we’ll see all year … And that’s a testament to our work ethic that we beat them.

Dimitruk on Corbeil - “He’s playing unbelievable. He’s bailed us out time after time. We’re absolutely riding on his back right now. He’s playing fantastic and I can’t say enough about his work ethic.”

Randell on my skills with men - "That feels unbelievable"*
Corbeil concurs - "It feels great"

Bety on Corbeil - "We’re winning because we’re working hard and Mathieu is also really helping us. He’s been playing really well since last week. We’re all very happy for him. And when he is playing like that, it is more comfortable for the rest of us. He is a big (reason) we are winning right now."

Corbeil on team - "Everyone kept working hard and everyone’s really happy now".

Randell on Corbeil - "With the goaltending we’re getting from Matt, if he keeps it up we’re going to have a chance to win every single night no matter what."

Quotes stolen from the following news links:
Palov - Moose win fourth straight
Moose shock Wildcats

Wuest - Moose top Drakkar for fourth straight win
Herd keeps rolling with win over Wildcats

Other news:
Casey - Mooseheads make it a perfect homestand

* actually he was talking about winning 4 in a row.


"Dave Schultz" said...

I know whenever there's an asterisk, it'll be good. you never disappoint my dear!

Yay Moose!! seems our teams have exchanged strategies in the past week.

RedFridayGirl said...

Congratulations go out to the Mosse... Amazing game!! Special props to Mat for his fantastic saves. Keep up the great work it is a team effort.

Q-girl said...

sometimes you take the other teams for granted. I hope all the other teams keep taking us for granted. It will just make it easier to destroy them. Your team will pick it up, hopefully.

@Red Friday girl
I know huh?

Glad you like the blog. Feel free to comment as often as you like.

RedFridayGirl said...

Q-Girl I was trying to add your blog to my followers list but it doesn't have that ability I will check back often, your blog makes me laugh, cry and sometimes want to throw things :-) Keep up the writing