Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1) According to John Moore's tweets, Lester Brown is now officially a Moosehead. He signed a contract this morning.

2) With two players absent from the blue line, Konrad Abeltshauser because of his wrist and Steve Gillard because of his hip, the Moose decided to call up second round 2009 draft pick Jamie Bishop to join the team. This leaves the Moose with 7 defensemen on the current Quebec road trip. If Alex MacDonald still does not get playing time I will know that something is most definitely 'up' (when the only sinister thing that should be 'up' in the world of teenage boys is their penis). I am prematurely plotting our revenge whether Alex likes it or not.

3) The votes are in and a whopping (:S) 5 votes out of 14 suggest that Tomas Knotek is more cookie-worthy than Sawyer Hannay. In his most recent blog post it would appear as if even John Moore thinks that Hannay is worthy. Anyway Tomas, enjoy your ill-gotten cookies. At this point they have probably gone stale. I am sure you will have a killer game at some point in the future and at that point any reward you receive will be much fresher and tastier. Either you got them for being consistant or my readers just thought you were malnourished and needed a little more meat on your bones.

As for the 5 people who said that Hannay did not deserve cookies - What kind of jerk are you to deny a teenage boy his just desserts (the good kind)? Clearly you do not understand my reward scheme, which gives prizes for stupid things and not necessarily for being the best player on the ice for 60 minutes. For example, say Tomas Knotek had a shitty game and didn't win a single faceoff and could not make a single connecting pass but somehow uncharacteristically made a huge hit at center ice which knocked a guy out - instant cookies.

4) Read John Moore's latest blog post about Konrad Abeltshauser.

5) According to Sportsnet the Mooseheads are still not 'cold' despite the huge loss to Moncton last weekend. Good, it is freezing here in Halifax and I need the team to stay at least tepid in order to keep me not uncomfortable when we cuddle. Look out Prince George Cougars -we are only one point behind ya for worst team in the CHL- RAWR.

6) Former Mooseheads goaltender Mark Yetman is Brock University's Male athlete of the week. The Brock Badgers are currently 3-0-0 and Yetman has a GAA of 1.67 and a 0.848 save%.

7) In order to appear as if I'm not just "obsessed with goalies" I wanted to let you know that I stalk any person with Newfie blood. For example: former Moose defenceman Justin Pender has 2 goals in 2 games with the Trenton Devils. That kinda looks like Pender's chin in the blue shirt - right? Perhaps I am not 'pathetically' obsessed enough with former Mooseheads defencemen to recognize their chins in pictures. Though, later pictures in the series inform me that I have mad chin-spotting skills.

8) I am very happy that David Stich has found a home in the QMJHL since he couldn't (yet) find a home in the North American pro-circuit. He is one of my favorite defencemen in the league. This is because I am pretty sure the guy has balls of steel. HUGE balls of steel. The Saint John Sea Dogs have traded his rights to the Montreal Junior.

8) the CHL top 10 is out and 3 Q teams are on it:
1. Calgary Hitmen (7-2-0-0)
2. Drummondville Voltigeurs (9-1-0-1)
3. Windsor Spitfires (7-3-0-1)
4. Gatineau Olympiques (9-3-0-0)
5. Kamloops Blazers (7-2-2-0)
6. London Knights (7-2-0-0)
7. Kitchener Rangers (6-0-0-1)
8. Vancouver Giants (7-2-0-2)
9. Barrie Colts (7-3-0-0)
10. Rouyn-Noranda Huskies (8-4-2-0)

9) Go Moose Go!


Zack said...

I would assume Halifax has adequate toilteries, which will always make you better than PG, no matter what happens.

But here's the important part.

" Why won’t the Cougars fix taps that run on, or make sure all the soap and paper towel dispensers are full in the CN Centre washrooms?

The CN Centre is owned by the City of PG. We lease it out on our game nights, but the City is still responsible for maintenance. If you are at one of our games, and see a problem, find one of our volunteers in either a black or blue coat, and they will be able to radio the City’s crew to get the problem fixed. We also fill out CN Centre Repair Reports after each game, and provide the information to the City. If you see anything that needs their attention, let us know and we’ll pass on your concern.

Q-girl said...

You need good bathroom amenities. The puckbunnies MUST be able to plug in their straightening iron midway through the third period for touch-ups before they go downstairs to meet the boys.