Friday, October 16, 2009

Mooseheads: now with even more Stray Cats

There have been a few roster moves in Moose country. Not only has 18 year old Dutch-American forward Lester Brown been signed to a contract but the Moose have acquired Paul Dimitruk, a 19 year old defenseman, off waivers from the Moncton Wildcats. The two new recent additions bring the roster up to 26, which is officially one boyfriend too many. Furthermore, because the Moose hate to travel without at least 8 healthy defensemen they called up 16 year old Jamie Bishop for the current roadtrip. There will be 27 boys stuffed onto that bus for the ride home. Stinky.

So yeah, the problem remains. There is at least one boy too many on the Mooseheads official roster and they are currently travelling with a 10 defenseman posse. When the road trip is done Bishop will be sent back down to his Midget team and the Moose will definitely have to rid themselves of at least one defenseman.

Now, if I had my way the team would consist of half goaltenders and half defensemen, we would have an awesome PK and yet still win games despite our lack of forwards. No one would get released, no feelings would be hurt, nothing would ever change and I really could make cookies for the boys. Alas.


Last night the Mooseheads began their second big road trip though Quebec with a 3-2 loss to the Quebec Remparts, thus bringing their season record to 1-11-0-1.

Tweets were flying – it turns out that Cheremetiev was ill and forwards Costello and Brown would be joining him in the GQMF club. For the defense Metcalfe (heathy), Bishop (healthy), Abeltshauser (wrist), and Gillard (hip) were forced to wear suits and stand around looking pretty. This means that Alex MacDonald was in as was new defenceman Dimitruk. What kind of conspiracy is this?

Special teams seemed to be the key to this game because the power play was 2/6 while the penalty killers were able to keep the Remparts off the board for all four of their power play opportunities.

I made my slack-assed attempt at fandom by tuning in to the game more than halfway through the first period, but just in time for the Knotek goal. The Remparts were already leading 1-0 off of a go-ahead goal by Gravel only 3 minutes into the game. Knotek’s power play goal came off assists from Garrett Clark and Pascal Amyot with special thanks to the Rempart’s Marc-Olivier Vallerand for the PP opportunity.

A tied game- I like it. Unfortunately, the Remparts turned it around and scored a goal less than 37 seconds later to regain the lead. I groaned in frustration and stopped paying attention.

The first period saw Halifax take only 6 shots on net while allowing 2 goals on 10 shots in 5 on 5 play. Nastycakes.

The second period was slightly more exciting – or John Moore just made it sound more exciting, or my adrenalin was just up because I was working out – and yet there was no action so to speak. No goals for either team.

Midway through the third the Remparts had the puck in the Moose zone. The Moose could not clear it, Mathieu could not cover it. The Remparts slapped and slapped and slapped at it and then eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, David Gilbert managed to get it in over Corbeil’s pad. Remparts up 3-1.

Why does David Gilbert hate us sooo much? First he doesn’t want to play for us after we pick him 6th overall in the draft. Fine, so he hates green, so what? Then we traded him to the Remparts and whenever we play them he likes to score against us. If I was a Moosehead I would keep my eyes peeled when I am around Gilbert- he will probably try to steal your girlfriends.

Gerrad Grant tried to make it up to me by getting another power play goal (assisted by Bahm and Clark) on a 6 on 4 in the last minute of the game…but it was too late. Linden was injured and the boys hobbled off like losers again. Corbeil stopped 26 of 29 shots in the loss and Dimitruk was given the game’s 3rd star for completely unknown reasons. If I had to guess I would say that money was exchanged for macaroni stars – conspiracy.

Stats wise:

  1. Charles Bety and Brent Andrews won most of their faceoffs. Bety had 10 of 18 while Andrews won 4 of 7.
  2. Garrett Clarke had the most points for the Moose because of his two assists. He is now tied with Abeltshauser for most points by a defenseman with 6 and the best PPG of any defenceman on the team. In 10 games he has 1 goal and 5 assists.
  3. Knotek and Randell tied for most shots on net with 3 each. Knotek now leads the team in points, with 12.
  4. Jessyko Bernard was the hitting machine with 4 big bangs. Jessyko knows what I like (ps. I also like secondary scoring).
  5. No fights, and Garrett Clarke was on his very best behavior.
  6. I wish Gabe would give me a reason to coooooooo.
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