Tuesday, October 27, 2009


ugh. No, stop coming here by searching puckbunny. I think I have had 5 hits for puckbunny in the past 2 days. That is just cootietastic.

It is amazing the things people can google search which will bring them to this blog.

1) "Alex hockey player of Mooses in Halifax" - half of the Mooseheads are named Alex so this search makes sense...kinda.
2) "Joel Grondin has a baby?" - he had better not or I will chop his wang off.
3) "girls tits game" - sounds like fun
4) "when men don't want to talk" - I assume that all my Moose are mutes and that we have never talked because they can not talk. Well, all except Alex MacDonald.
5) "tits slapped hard" - owwwww
6) "Film hot" - I get a lot of searches for this and I suspect that it is not because of people looking for this interview with Ron Hextall. Ohhh la la... now that is film hot*.
7) "cookie pender" - OMG he comes in cookie form!

So The Moose play the Montreal Jr on Thursday at the Metro Centre and I have just been sitting around waiting for news (and for someone to tell me that they actually want to go to the game with me).

This is what I learned:
1) Moose tweets tell me that Abeltshauser is feeling good in his wrist area and may even be feeling good enough to play Thursday vs Montreal. He heals faster than the speed of Mats Sundin's ejaculate...or superman's ejaculate...or Mats Sundin's eye...I forget the joke. Anyway, the point is that he heals quickly.

2) Alex Lemieux is the Mooseheads' Scholastic player for the month of September. mmmmm brains.

3) The Mooseheads are cold again. Booo. I will warm myself be sidling up to the super hot teeny, tiny Drew Owsley of the Tri-city Americans - my adopted WHL goalie boyfriend. To think that I loved him when he was a press-box dwelling back-up to the back-up.*sigh*

According to the Sportsnet Hot/not list:
"The losses continued to mount for the rebuilding Mooseheads, who have yet to win since Oct. 3 in a 6-1 rout over Val-d'Or. Halifax has lost their last nine consecutive games, acquiring just one point in a shootout loss over that stretch in a loss to Rouyn-Noranda on Oct. 9. Halifax has a dismal 1-15-0-1 record this season."

Yes, they used the word dismal.

4) Everyone else is doing it (See Toronto Maple Leafs), why can't we?

* :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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