Sunday, October 25, 2009

Give me one reason to stay here...

The Halifax Mooseheads were shut out by the Saint John Sea Dogs by a score of 4-0.

Pink in the rink is cursed.

I don't know what to say. Ummmm Gillard did something fancy in the first period and Grant's point streak ended (sads).

Overall the game did not leave me very excited...nor did the beer. I found it rather dull. To make matters worse I couldn't even win a pink game worn jersey. I think the thing is rigged *paranoid*. There were too many previous winners who won again tonight.

I will post more about the game later. Instead of detailed blogging I have chosen instead to edit some game photos for facebook. All the boys have an eerie pink glow. I have also uploaded Metcalfe's intermission performance.

I think Metcalfe may be right about Jessyko Bernard (totally boyfriend material/ could make a girl laugh for hours) but not right about girl on boy attraction. It doesn't matter how good a guy's body is if he doesn't have the appropriately sized equipment and boys with extra large equipment can rule the world... even if they don't have abs of steel.

Jessyko Bernard

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From the Sea Dogs website: Gelinas backstops Sea Dogs to 4-0 win in Halifax

David Connell finally has his old pictures from the HFX game in Saint John posted but he does not have last night's pics posted yet. I'll let you know when that happens.

Just a few notes.
  • Ugggg Mathieu you should have had #3. I thought you had #3. Why didn't you stop goal #3?
Mathieu Corbeil

  • Dimitruk does not play defence like the other Mooseheads. It confuses me. I am not sure if that is good or bad.
  • I wish Gelinas and Desjardins (sick) could play on a line together. Why must they both be left wingers?
  • Honestly Gelinas, Bety, Bernard you have to step the fuck back up and start getting goals. Desi gets a pass today because he is sick and did not play. I will verbally spank him after next Thursday's game.
  • Like honestly Cam - if you hate Alex MacDonald so much just send him down now. You are making us all suffer by dragging this out. Cut him or let the damn boy play some hockey.
  • ...and Cam- you are not going to build a team that can score if you draft only character players. To put this in NJ Devils terms - David Clarkson is able to fight, look pretty AND put the puck in the net. Our 'David Clarksons' only do 2 of 3 (and Travis Randell does a different set of 2 out of 3). Who wants to be Zach Parise?
  • Who do you give cookies to during a shutout? I've considered Dimitruk for looking different out there. I've considered Grant for the almost goals. I've considered Gillard for the fancy puck work. I've considered Metcalfe for making me look like a good singer. I am kinda stuck. At this point would just give it to the guy with the biggest penis...but that is information which I do know, nor do I have any desire to know.

I opted for pink pictures instead of more words. I either need a better camera or I need to sit behind glass that isn't so scratched up. I swear that they haven't cleaned it since the start of LAST





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